February Readathin 2021 Challenge

Hey guys how’s it going? This week I wanted to wrap up my February Reading Challenge. My friend A Court of books and love has done this monthly readathon for years and this year they created a wheel for their challenges. So I decided to spin the wheel and see what I got everyday andContinue reading “February Readathin 2021 Challenge”

Weekly Check-in 2/20/21

Hahahahahahha! Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time! This week was very unexpected with Texas (where I live).So because of everything that happened, I was able to read and watch quite a bit. I watched 3 movies,2 TV shows, 2 animes, and 1 K-drama. I also read 4 volumes of manga and 1 novel as well. As you can see its quite a bit so onto the media!

Implementing Fandom into Daily Life: Easy or Difficult?

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss implementing Fandom into daily life and whether it is easy or difficult. This is something I have thought about for awhile especially becoming an adult where it is often not recommended to show that you love certain fandoms. Throughout my particular life though, I think I have effectively implemented fandom in my life pretty easily but there have been moments where it has been difficult to navigate.