Weekly Check-in 04/29/2023

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time where I focused a lot of time not on consuming media but other things. Because of this, I watched three anime and one tv show. I also read two volumes of manga. Onto the media!!!! Anime Call of the Night This is a series with both theContinue reading “Weekly Check-in 04/29/2023”

Weekly Check-In 07/11/2020

Hello there, today I am going to discuss my weekly check-in for this week and I will be honest there was not a lot of reading going on but there was a lot of watching and listening going on. I started an anime, started watching a show with my dad, listened to several episodes of a podcast, and read a manga. Overall, an interesting week. Onto the media!

Weekly Check-In 07/04/2020

Hello today we are doing a weekly-check in on my birthday!! (Do not worry, I wanted to post today because its something I love doing).  To be honest though, I haven’t finished too many items this week but one with the addition of starting quite a few things some very unexpected and one that has been a “Christina why haven’t you gotten to it sooner?” Let’s get started on the media!