Good friend groups! My Definition and Some Recommendations

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss good friend groups. Now, what is a good friend group you may ask? One that has good communication One of the tropes that I have difficulty dealing with media is the miscommunication trope especially when it comes with friends. I think if you have aContinue reading “Good friend groups! My Definition and Some Recommendations”

Not Your Mama’s Romance: 10 Romances Your Middle School Student Will Love: Princessreadsalot Presents!

I’m a sucker for a good ADULT rom-com.
This list however, is NOT adult. As a middle school English teacher, I frequently have students who want cool adult looking covers and resort to what their parents are reading. For that reason, I like to have extra copies of these
books and is a list that I recommend to all 6th through 8th grade students asking for a romance or rom-com!