Weekly Check-in 03/18/2023

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time where I focus on reviewing my backlist but also focus on media that I have avoided randomly. Because of this, I watched 3 TV shows and 3 Anime. I also read 7 volumes of manga. Onto the Media!!! TV Show Rewatch and Continuation Carnival Row Whoop!! Boy,Continue reading “Weekly Check-in 03/18/2023”

Weekly Check-In 05/15/21

Hey guys how’s it going Weekly Check in time where essentially what my allergies decided to make me sneeze and cough so much I turned hoarse all week. Because of that and work, I didn’t get a lot of any media consumption done. However, I did manage to watch two anime and read five volumesContinue reading “Weekly Check-In 05/15/21”

Weekly Check-in 05/08/21

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time. I’ll be honest this week I was trying to take things easy by watching and reading minimally. Because of that, I read seven volumes of manga and watched two anime. Onto the Media! Anime After The Rain This is a story that I was really excited toContinue reading “Weekly Check-in 05/08/21”