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Weekly Check-in 05/20/2023-05/27/2023

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time!! These past two weeks, I consumed media that I had previously procrastinated on. Because of this, I watched three movies, one anime and two tv shows. I also read two volumes of manga. Onto the media! Movie Ugly Dolls This is a movie that when I saw…

Weekly Check-in 05/06/2023-05/13/2023

Hey how’s it going Weekly Check-in time! I honestly slacked these past two weeks because of personal and professional obligations. However, I did read 6 volumes of manga and watched 2 tv shows along with 1 movie and 1 anime. Onto the Media!!!! Manga Series Continuations One Piece volumes 97-99 This series continues to be…

Medical Media

Hey guys how’s it going?? Today is a post that I have visualized in my mind for quite a while. I have one that is for people with health representation but what about the medical professionals? They have their own types of media too and I would like to talk about them. This post also…

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