About Sushirainbow

Sushirainbow is an adult Media Reviewer who has a variety of interests and a variety of age groups. She also loves collaborating with other creators and making friends check out the Blog for Weekly Check-ins and in depth discussions with also collaboration posts with other creators.

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Where to Find and Support Me

Www.instagram.com/sushirainbow-(my bookstagram)

https://discord.gg/CY4QPZPQBB (my discord server)

https://www.goodreads.com/sushirainbow- (my goodreads page)

Sushirainbow’s Amazon Page-www.amazon.com/shop/ sushirainbow

https://www.depop.com/cro795/ (my depop store of anything that I sell)

https://ko-fi.com/christinasushirainbow27269 (My Kofi Account)

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