Let’s Go to The Circus… Media that take place within a Circus/Performance Troupe

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Hey guys how’s it going? Today I am writing a post that is most anticipated on my blog draft list. Performers in a circus have always fascinated me especially when it comes to the atmosphere. It also is a part of history that is only scratching of the surface. I appreciate learning about the skills that it takes to become a circus performer.


The Family Fortuna

Thank you so much to Candlewick Press for the opportunity to read and review this book before release day (Has Released as of posting this). I truly appreciate the historical perspective (although some of the verbal abuse was something I was not a fan of). I also liked the atmosphere and unique characters. Overall, it’s an interesting story and if you are interested, please check this book out.



Now I like both versions of Dumbo, however, I like the live action version a bit more due to the fact that it focuses more on the circus that Dumbo attends rather than Dumbo himself. There is a variety of performers, and the historical atmosphere is helpful for the plot to thicken. Check it out if you are interested.

The Greatest Showman

This biopic is one with beautiful music and a lesson too. Its also a perfect family friendly movie. All-star cast, music to exceed all expectations and period atmosphere. Highly recommend!


Adult Romance

New Orleans Rush

This Book Series focuses on a ton of performers and this one focuses on a magician troupe and is my favorite. Trigger warnings for violence, parental grief, drowning, scarred both physically for the hero and mentally for the heroine. I recommend this book because there are magicians in a troupe but also the relationship aspect is amazing too. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Historical Fiction

Water for Elephants

This was the first adult historical fiction novel that I remembered reading and then watching the adaptation in the near future. I like how it explains the good and the bad of the historical carnival/circus scene. It also shows intense imagery. I would recommend both if you’re interested although the novel is more coming of age than the adaption being more romance centric. Highly recommend.

Teen Novel

Cirque De Freak

This is perhaps my first vampire story that I remember reading. It starts out as a performance at a carnival. The carnival travels all over the world throughout the series with vampires in tow. Teen friendly as well. check it out if you are interested.


Kaliedo Star

This is the anime that I have watched that focuses on acrobatic skills as a circus performer. It also shows determination that the main character has to succeed in making people happy. It is child friendly as well and one I would recommend as a first anime for new watchers. Check it out if you’re interested.

Do you have some recommendations for Circus Media??? Let’s talk about it!!!

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