Missing Figure Skating??? Check out this Media!!!

Hey guys how’s it going? I don’t know about you guys, but I have gotten into the winter sports mood lately because of the weather around here. Because of that, today I wanted to recommend some media with Ice-skating involved.


The whole family at my house would always watch ice skating on television when the small tournaments would come up but also during the Olympics. I always enjoyed the music and the moves that they would create. Because of that, whenever I see ice-skating in media, I consume it. These are the most recent ones I have consumed and if you haven’t already check them out!


Ice Princess

This movie focuses on teen figure skaters who have to choose between skating or having a career in the STEM field. It is pretty straightforward as far as plot and characters go but I think if you want to show a movie to someone who loves figure skating and they are young, this would definitely be my choice.

TV Show

Spinning Out

This is a show that shows all the positives and negatives of ice skating professionally. There is also an underlying romance that is involved but not really resolved. I think if you are looking for a more in-depth look on figure skating in a live action setting and are looking for an young adult drama show, this is definitely one you should check out.


Skate-Leading Stars

This anime series gave me Yuri on Ice vibes mixed with Haikyuu in the best way. I enjoyed most of the characters, the plot, and the skating. I also appreciated the journey and humor as well. The animation in the moves is smooth and gorgeous and at least to me, it was great to feel the emotions of a competitive rivalry to the max but also how people who grow up together doing the same type of skating.


The Medalist

This manga focuses on child figure skaters and adults that do not make it pro exactly but love the sport. There’s more to it than that obviously but I love the artwork that the mangaka shows with the moves and how the emotion feels throughout the series. This one also at least so far is child-friendly so if you want your children to read a fictional story about ice-skating check this out.

Adult Romance Novella

Thin Ice

Like every Cassie Mint Novella, I have read, I love the males falling in love with the females even though in this instance it’s a coach and athlete relationship so if that is not something you’re a fan of don’t read this. This one only scratches the surface on what it means to be a professional couples Ice skater which I personally didn’t mind just an FYI. But the sexual tension and the scenes involved are definitely what I was looking for. 18+ though.

Young Adult Book

The Ice in Our Hearts

This is one that actually takes place during the winter Olympics Its a young adult novel about two teenagers (sixteen and seventeen respectfully) who are world renowned Winter Olympic athletes. One is a skater and the other is a snowboarder. You’d think it’s just fluff. No actually with the athletic aspects of things plus Type 1 diabetes as well as hyperhidrosis representation there was a lot of jargon as well as explanation involved without feeling dumbed down or too excessive.
I really enjoyed this story and how magical it was especially with the family and friendship side of things. I also could feel the emotions that the characters presented in their respective roles in the Olympics but also falling in love with someone who truly understands you. If this interests you, check this book out!

Thank you so much for reading!!!

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