My Journey with Crafts/Arts

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Hey guys how’s it going? Today’s post is something that I have reminisced about for a while but it’s about my journey with crafts/arts. Early in life, I have always appreciated the arts. Because of that, I wanted to try some art and crafts myself. This post represents my journey with that up until present day.


Blue Period Anime

Watching the Blue Period Anime recently with its collaborative efforts with art and how anyone can make it at any time and how different aspects of art can help people express themselves. Because of this, reminiscing on this part of my life has made me happy. Check out both the anime and manga if you are interested.

Let’s get started!!!


The first known memory that I remember when it comes to the arts is painting with my grandma and trying to paint the walls in the house. I think that was the first time I discovered how color was made and how to express myself…. The only problem that ended up happening was that I never really had a set idea on what I wanted to create when I painted.


When I was around 8 years old (3rd grade) was when I started doing more crafting things with my mom. She decided to start soap-making and I wanted to try it too. I loved creating the different shapes through the molds and also smelling the scents to make sure which ones would fit best with which color or shape. The only issue that happened with this was that it would eat up our entire weekends at a time and it would make our house very warm due to the boiling water etc.

Art Club

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In 5th grade (about 9-10years old), I joined the art club at my school. With that, I was able to create a variety of art pieces such as ceramics, pastels, paintings, and photography. With that, I was also able to collaborate with people who had more experience than me and I learned a ton about different art mediums. I even one time created a piece that was in the local dog show. I truly enjoyed my time in the art club, and I actually thought I would continue on creating….


Along with Art-Club at school, outside of school in 5th and 6th grade I tried actually learning to draw. This wasn’t really the best experience because at the time, I wanted to learn to draw with color and paint eventually again like when I was little. This particular teacher also had the teaching style of simple of line drawing, shading, and then move up from there through varying drawing books. Doing that, truly turned me away from drawing and creating art in that manner. I also decided that it would never be my career like I thought it would be in the 1st grade.


After the drawing fiasco, in middle school (7th and 8th grade) my mom still wanted me to try to do something else to express myself but also, I loved looking at the fashion magazines with the unique items people wore and then looked at my size and….. anyway, my mom decided to sign me up for a sewing class for two summers…. It wasn’t a bad experience although it felt like for me, I only learned the fundamentals and even then, it felt like the teacher was just creating the pieces for me rather than me learning the skills needed to create clothes and pillowcases. However, I think I would be able to make a pillowcase or two today just have not had the time or space.

Photography/Graphic Design

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Photography is probably the most consistent Art/Craft that I have learned about and enjoyed for the longest. I have taken pictures during my family trips and just for fun to chronicle things I like seeing, however, in high school (14 years old) I actually learned more about how graphic design works/photo editing but also the history of photography as well. Even created something that ended up winning an award. Honestly, If I could say the craft/art medium that represents something that I do the most and the one I am the proudest of doing now, it would be photography.


This is also a craft that I found out about in high school and bled into college and adult life. Jewelry making can be difficult to do, but I think if you have the right beads and skills that can be replicated over and over again, it’s amazing to create something beautiful with it. My mom showed me how at first, then I learned from a professional at a local small business who had classes that I could take over and over again with actual teaching.


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In college, you know you start expanding your horizons and meet new people?? Well I definitely did that when it came to art. My freshman and sophomore year of college, I actually met someone who was becoming an artist/art teacher and they gave me a ton of different perspectives and tried to teach me as much as she could about the art styles I rejected and embraced the ones I had tried. I will be honest, I think if not with her inspiration and willingness to show me contemporary artwork, I would probably not enjoy art as much as I do now.

Knotted Blankets

This is someone’s YouTube Thumbnail just due to how the placement works.

This is the latest craft I have learned how to do. I actually thought because of how my cutting skills are, I wouldn’t be able to do this. However, one of my friends’ moms was a fantastic teacher and I have one completed and one in progress. It’s definitely something that can be taught at any age, and I am glad I picked it up now.


Overall, at the end of the day I still enjoy having art/crafting in my life, even though it’s not as much as it used to be. I know I am never going to be a professional artist, but having it be a part of my life can make things relaxing.

What about you guys?

How do you feel about Art/Crafting???

Let’s talk about it!!!

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