Tips and Tricks for Video Game “Noobs” A collab with a Video Game Expert

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Hey guys how’s it going? Today I wanted to talk about video games. I am what people would consider a Noob/Newbie, so I don’t have a ton of knowledge about it. Because of that I have enlisted assistance of my dear friend 2ndtolastunicorn a Twitch Video Game Streamer and her husband to assist me and my fellow Newbies on some tips and tricks to get started.


2ndtolastunicorn: I grew up playing video games with my family. My first game I completed was the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 and then the GameCube version of Animal Crossing!

Where does a “Noob” start when it comes to consoles? Do we pick what’s popular? Do we pick something that is easiest for our motor skills? Etc.

2ndtolastunicorn: Honestly, I’d take a look around and see which controller works the best for your hands. I prefer the Switch Pro controllers or a PlayStation controller personally!

Now Games, I know you have some favorites that you enjoy, but in your opinion what kinds of games would you suggest being the first place to start (I am sure this will probably depend on the console) however, maybe the opposite would happen.

2ndtolastunicorn: If you’re wanting cozy gaming I’d start with something like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, easy to understand and very fun to create. If you want something like a simple RPG (role playing game) I’d suggest a Mario, Zelda or Kingdom Hearts. Shining Force or Chrono Trigger for a more tactical RPG.

Okay we have the game we have the console now; Now are we ready to play. How does a Noob make as much time as you to play video games (without going extreme)?

2ndtolastunicorn: I play whenever I have a spare moment. One nice thing about the Switches is that they are the easiest to carry around and don’t need to be attached to a TV to play 🥰

I know also, being someone who is obsessed with video games, it can also be expensive. Any tips on how to be a video game lover on a budget??

2ndtolastunicorn: Watch for sales! Around Black Friday there tends to be some good ones. If you want the biggest bang for your buck check out the memberships for the consoles! Switch Online is awesome and PlayStation Plus has great pros to it too!

Any Additional comments for any noobs and plug your social media. Thank you so much for assisting me on this blog post, I truly appreciate ya’ll.

2ndtolastunicorn: Honestly, all gaming is to be FUN! So, if it doesn’t bring joy to YOU, then don’t do it hahaha and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot play. And once you master any of the games, there are SO MANY communities of gamers that will help you get better and even if you want a challenge there are challenge runs and speed runs. But that’s another blog post for another day! 🤣🤣

Thank you SO much 2ndtolastunicorn for this opportunity to learn!!! Please check out Her and Her Husband’s Twitch Channels if you haven’t already!! I hope this was helpful for you I know for a fact it helped me!

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