It’s That Time of Year Again: Reflections of 2022 and 2023 Goals

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to reflect on my 2022 goals and write my 2023 goals. Now, I will tell you this, I am not quite sure what next year will bring for me anymore as of a few months ago so, because of that, I don’t know how I will be able to accomplish these goals. I do though still want to try especially since this past year has gone so well.


2022 Goals Personally

  • Budget!!!❌
  • Take Appropriate Breaks and Socialize Outside the Internet!! ✔️
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Go on an Adventure ✔️
  • Balance My Food Intake and Exercising More ❌
  • Last but Certainly Not Least, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Myself ✔️

2022 Goals Professionally

  • Be Bolder and Adventurous When it Comes to My Photography ❌✔️
  • Consume Whatever Media I Want No Matter What It is. ✔️
  • Keep Learning and Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New When It Comes to My Career✔️
  • Plan Better When It Comes to My Overall Schedule ❌
  • Last but Most Certainly Not Least, do not Lose Sight of Myself in my Career or Hobby ✔

As you can see by the emojis, overall, I do not think I did too badly on accomplishing these goals this past year. However, the main ones that involved money I still did not accomplish well, or I didn’t put the effort into my health as I should have. I also did not do very well with planning considering a new schedule change halfway through the year. Also, I think with my photography I did go a little bit bolder and adventurous this year, but it was not enough for me to think that I accomplished that.

Here are the Goals that I want to accomplish in 2023 and three of them are going to be ones that I have repeated because I still haven’t accomplished them. Those are:

Budgets, Planning, and Nutrition/Exercise Equalization

I am going to take a different approach to these and have a better idea when it comes to accomplish these, and I am going to need some assistance. Because of this, any assistance is welcome and helpful.

New Goals


1. Keep Asking for Help from other Professionals

Over the years, asking for help is something that I have difficulty doing especially when it comes to my professional life. Next year though, I would like to ask more questions for more professional growth and personal as well.

2.Keep My Car and Office Areas Clean and Tidy

Yes, I need this as a goal because of all of the travelling I do for work plus the different places I work at need to be tidy. I need to be able to find all the supplies for work and the last few months I slacked on my organization big time so next year I hope I can make things better.

3.Be Picky about Opportunities that are Presented to me (Don’t do everything for Hobby/Job)

Ever since I started my book Instagram, I took absolutely any opportunity I could for free books or merch, and this blog also gave me the opportunity to attend comic conventions with minimal cost this year. However, I spent a lot of money outside of those things that were opportunities that I loved but at the same time, I need to be picky. I do not need to attend all of the comic conventions, I don’t need to buy or request all of the media to consume, and I don’t need to be that person who has to be everywhere in order to have a huge following (I have to be picky, so I am not overwhelmed or broke).

4.Be More Adventurous with my Ideas Professionally

Now this is something I did a ton this past year, but at the same time I feel like I didn’t take many risks when it comes to my photography, blog and therapy techniques because I think I attempted but I didn’t do enough. I hope that everyone enjoys the risks I take, but if they don’t that’s ok.

5.Dress More Appropriately Everywhere

This is one my mother recommended I put on here because I will be honest, I am still adjusting to professional attire but also comfort attire as well. I need to be more appropriate when it comes to colors and my age. Hopefully I can accomplish this.


1.Give Myself Time to Rest

Honestly, I need to do more resting when it comes to working multiple hours and days on my hobbies and my professional time outside of work hours. I need to make time to rest sometimes, and because of that there may be times I don’t post or don’t necessarily work on things that I cannot control. I think I need this in order to become a better person.

2. Give Myself Something Fun to do Once a Week/Once a Month

This is also something I would like to do with more balanced lifestyle. I want to be able to do something fun with my friends or go on an adventure but not do it excessively. Go to a movie, dinner with a friend etc. I need that work-life balance and even do things by myself if I have to.

3. Consume Media that I have, DO NOT BUY MORE

This is probably the goal I need to accomplish the most. I don’t need to consume every bit of media out there; I don’t need to buy every sale book out there. Instead of buying them to consume, add them to my wish list. Don’t buy another streaming service, consume the media I already have access to etc. This will probably be the goal that will make the biggest difference between my budgeting for sure.

What About You Guys? How Were Your 2022 Goals? Are You Making Your Own 2023 Goals? Let’s Talk About It!

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