Weekly Check-in 12/03/2022

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time!! I honestly went into a very productive mode with my media consumption. I consumed a ton of different things.

I watched two anime and two TV shows. I also read two volumes of manga, one graphic novel and one novel. Onto the Media!!!!


One Piece

I still continue to enjoy this series. I think my only issue is that this particular arc took a long time to wrap up especially since the dub took too long to finish 🙃. But overall, I am excited to continue on. Because of these points, I have to give this a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣 🍣🍣.

Dragon Goes House Hunting

This was an anime series that I have wanted to watch because I enjoyed the concept of the manga, but the formatting was bothering me. However, I think it does work very well as an anime with the episodic format and the dialogue. It also is an anime that is very mindless so if you have a minor sickness like I did this week, Its perfect for you to watch. Because of these points, I have to give this a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.


Baked Inn Love

Thank you to the Author and Social Butterfly PR for the opportunity to read and review this book

This was a book that if you are one that enjoy Hallmark stories along with a road trip, this is definitely for you. I loved the banter, both characters’ perspective on things and the overall atmosphere and story. I think for me personally though, I think there were too many ties to the previous book that I wanted to know more about that couple just as much as the one in this story.  So, for me personally, I would recommend reading this book after the first one. Because of these points, I have to give this a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.


Series Starters

Falling Drowning

Thank you so much to Kodansha Comics and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this manga 💗

This was an intriguing story with a love triangle and mysterious element. I love the art and the premise is very unique as far as that mystery. However, I really think if you’re not a fan of love triangles, you’re not going to like this because that is all that it presented to the readers. I think it could have been better with more flushed out development and plot… but I am intrigued by the story. Because of these points, I have to give this a 3-3.5 out of 5 stars or 3 sushi 🍣 🍣 🍣.

Doing His Best to Confess

Thank you to Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for the opportunity to read and review this manga

This is a manga series that I think if you want a male perspective of a shoujo like Otomen, I would recommend this one. I loved how adorable he found the leading lady and the shenanigans that they come up with. However, this volume just randomly ended and I wanted a ton more from this. I will definitely be checking this out in the future to see if he ever gets to confess. Because of these points, I have to give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣🍣🍣.

Graphic Novel

Scout is Not a Band Kid

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Children’s Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this graphic novel

Honestly, I believe this is a graphic novel that I would add to my collection of ones that middle school aged children need to read for the lessons of working hard to get what you dream about but also discussing fandom and true friendship. Some of the humor was not my favorite but thankfully it didn’t deter me from the story too much plus I loveeeed the art!!! I also would recommend this graphic novel if you love the Webtoon Brass and Sass. Overall, I don’t think this will be for every middle schooler out there, but I still think they could benefit from it. Solid 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣 🍣🍣.

TV Show


This group of episodes has a lot of legal difficulties along with administrative changes and I think it is very tough for people who do not want to see several children be hurt all at once.  I think also things are going to spiral fast and I am going to be emotional. Because of these points, I have to give this group of episodes a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.

Harry’s Law

Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch this from the beginning, I don’t know but, I think what this show lacks are more steps involved with certain cases because some are a slam dunk and others have several intense steps that cause trials to last for weeks even months. I wish we saw more of that. I also enjoy the new characters and their dynamics with everyone. Overall, I enjoy this particular lawyer show and I am excited to watch more. 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.

The Week Ahead

The week ahead I would like to keep this momentum going of consuming and reviewing media (especially my required ones from Netgalley etc.) I also am really excited about consuming the holiday media!! What about you guys? What media did you consume this past week? Let’s talk about it!!!

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