My Go-To Items to Find in Anime Exhibit Halls

This is a photo of an exhibition hall/artist alley at Mizuumi Con 2015??? I can’t remember but it was the first time I saw one.

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I would like to discuss Exhibition Halls and what I tend to look for when I am there. Some of the items I look for are not what I always buy, but it’s still cool to see them. Also, these items vary from vendor to vendor as well as from con to con so if you do not find these at yours, that is totally all right.

Inspiration: Exhibition Hall/Artist Alley @Oni-Con

Before I discuss the items, I wanted to acknowledge that recently I was able to attend Oni-Con’s version of an Exhibition Hall as a press passholder and take photos for vendors who granted me permission to do so. I also had some thoughts about it as an attendee in a separate blog post. I still stand by just because Oni-con had some of these items other cons may not and vice versa. Allright now onto my list!!

1. Mystery Bags

So many vendors at anime conventions get mystery boxes or bags to get people who love a variety of fandoms and like a variety of different items (plushes pins etc.). They also range from tiny bags to huge boxes. They can be hit or miss depending on the price point and if you were with a friend at a con, you can trade things with each other. I like seeing which vendors have them and what they have to offer.

2.Unique Snacks

Unique Food/snacks is something I seem to look for wherever I go, but I especially like going to find them in an anime convention because the vendors can either let us know what they recommend or let the consumer look at the snacks and determine for themselves if they want to give it a try. I also think that sometimes for me personally, since I don’t have a ton of places to find these kind of snacks and food, finding these at anime conventions are great!


I think for me going to an Anime convention showed me for the first time that Anime characters had plushes (which can be a cheaper option than figures). But also, there are entire booths at anime conventions that are devoted to just plushes of all shapes sizes and fandoms. I also recommend looking for them when you can get them inexpensively (other places increase their price because of how rare they can be).

4. Figures

Figures at Anime Conventions are hit or miss especially with the bootleg aspect of things etc. However, if you are ever looking for anime figures for fandoms that are not necessarily popular that the GameStops etc. do not carry at deals, Anime Conventions are definitely a good place to at least look at them displayed.

5. Manga/Art Books

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is polish_20221116_221312316.jpg

Manga/Art books are items in Anime Conventions that do not come around often, but when they do its either because they have a ton of rare books/manga or because they have deals. Art Books are also something that not many people can find at a great price so be careful. Also, if you see a Kinokuniya at an Anime Convention, definitely check them out!

6. Prop Replicas

Prop Replicas are not necessarily something I tend to buy at Anime Conventions (Unless they are at a decent price) but I love looking at them especially when they are props from my favorite fandom. Be careful with your wallet though, Booths tend to overprice prop replicas.

7.Cute Jewelry

This is something I do with every kind of convention I go to; I love unique jewelry especially earrings. Some people make polymer clay character studs, other people make dangled beaded pieces, cosplay replicas etc. The possibilities are endless!!

And Last but not Least!!!

8. Unique Items that come from Underrated Fandoms

This is the most important reason why I enjoy going to the exhibition halls in anime conventions. I love supporting people who create/curate unique items along with seeing some fandoms that I don’t always see online to shop. Even if I don’t buy anything at the time, taking the photos to show people and talk about the items I find is so awesome. Its also one of the aspects that keeps Anime Conventions going in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy this Exhibition Hall post! What about you guys? What do you guys look for at one at an Anime Convention? Let’s talk about it!!

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