Blog tour!! Collab with Scott Mechanical Reviews Traveling to An Anime World!!

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I would like to talk about one of my favorite anime series that I would love to travel to. This is also a collaboration that I am working with Scott from Mechanical Reviews that is a traveling collaboration blog post so please check out everyone that is collaborating with him along with his website for anime reviews and more.

The prompt is pretty simple. I am a crewmember of the MSN-1702 Mecha Base. One random day while traveling through outer space, the Mecha Base comes into contact with a wormhole.

Where does the ship go?

I am going to the world of Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits!! However, I will not be the bride of the Odanna even though he’s very suave lol

Synopsis of the anime/manga series: Aoi Tsubaki is a college student who has the ability to see Ayakashi, a trait she inherited from her deceased grandfather. One day, when Aoi walks past a torii shrine, she sees an Ayakashi sitting there who announces that it is hungry. However, after giving it food, Aoi is kidnapped by the Ayakashi, an Ogre called Odanna. He takes her to the Hidden Realm, a world where all the Ayakashi live. He tells Aoi that her grandfather owed him a debt, and as compensation, she must marry him. Aoi negotiates with the Ogre instead, asking to work at the ogre’s inn, the Tenjin’ya.

I picked the world of Kakuriyo because of these three things: the world, the characters, and I know if I needed it as I was traveling on the Mecha, the wonderful food that Aoi creates. Let’s talk about it!

The World

Hidden Realm

The hidden realm is the world that has plethora of Ayakashi also called yokai, who live in eight different lands with a variety of customs and cultures. It gives a feel of historical Japan with some beautiful clothing that the characters wear along with architecture and shrubbery.

The Characters

The Employees of Tenjin’ya.

The employees of Tenjin’ya. feel like people you meet every day some good and bad, but they overall have one goal: to make sure that Tenjin’ya is the best inn for ayakashi to stay. Adding the main character into the mix makes most of the character dynamics better. I would love to be an employee of the Moonflower part of Tenjin’ya because hanging out with Aoi would be fun but also learning about making different types of food to satisfy everyone.

The Food!!

First we need to go into the Moonflower eatery for this one because this is where most of the food in the series is eaten.

The food that this world has is traditional Japanese food but with some added spices that only Ayakashi can taste and because of that I would love to learn more about how to make it and eat it correctly. Aoi is a great teacher to the other spirits, and I think between working there and eating there it would be amazing.

What about you guys! If you were a crewmember of the MSN-1702 Mecha Base, where would you want your wormhole to go? Let’s talk about it! Also thank you so much Scott for the opportunity to collab with you on this blog post. Check him out if you haven’t already!

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