BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! “Hi, I am the Friendly Ghost” Ghost Media recommendations

Hey guys how’s it going today I am recommending to you some friendly ghost media for the Halloween season/supernatural times. There is a variety and I hope you find something you’re interested in. Onto the Media!!


Casper Movies

I think this is where my love of ghosts came from was from the Casper movies. Casper is a very adorable friendly ghost who gets in a bunch of different adventures with a variety of people and mysteries. There is an order to watch these, but it doesn’t make a difference to me as far as plot. If you need some cute ghost family-friendly movies check these out!

TV Show


New fave on this list is a TV show with a variety of ghosts and two people building a Bed and Breakfast. There are some moments when it is crude but truly a perfect thing to put on if you need a show to capture the friendly ghost vibes all year round. (Some adult content though so be careful with kids).


Phantom of the Idol

This is a manga series that has just come out with the combination of Idol culture mixed with a friendly ghost.  It reminds me most of the anime series Zombieland Saga because of its dry humor and characters in general. Overall, though, it’s fun and if you love idols and ghosts check it out!!


Ginban Kaleidoscope

This anime is one I was so surprised not many people talk about but also the concept of the ghosts is interesting. It discusses an aspiring figure skater with a ghost who was a stunt pilot. Coming of Age story with a ton of humor. I will warn you this anime is not dubbed to my knowledge. Highly recommend!!


Indie Fave

Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E Smith

A person who hates seeing ghosts, another who wishes they could see ghosts so badly they create a paranormal television show, a beautiful girl who is a fan of the television show and has a ghost in her new house, and finally a teenage skater boy ghost who is the comedic relief and helps with the other ghosts. Who wouldn’t love reading about this friend group? I know I do! The shenanigans, the mysteries, the romance, and the vivid settings that are presented in these books are amazing.  Highly recommend if you’re looking for more of a Ghost Whisperer book.

New Release

A Ghost in Shining Armor

Oh, my goodness this book! It is definitely one I will never forget. Think of an intense contemporary romance with a supernatural element of ghosts and multiverses. Content warning for parental abandonment and people taking advantage of each other in more than one way. There’s also a ton of beautiful romance and self-discovery as well. I also appreciated the ambiguity of the gender of the guardian angel that was also in this story along with the side couple that was presented. I did though, feel like there were more questions than answers at the end of the story and I would like to know more that this author has in its world and also how the afterlife works in this story. Check it out if you are interested in it!!

Do you have any Friendly Ghost Media Recommendations? Let’s talk about it!!

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