If I could Cosplay as Anyone, who would I be…..

Hey guys how’s it going? Today’s post is one that was inspired by one of my students’ asking me “If you could cosplay as someone, who would you be?” I told them at the time, I haven’t cosplayed before but that was because I haven’t found the right character yet. Thinking about it though, over the years, I have thought about cosplaying a ton of characters in media, however, I have been scared because of my body, age, or not doing the character justice. Nevertheless, these would be who I would try to cosplay if I didn’t have my insecurities and which outfits I would choose. Let’s introduce you to them!


Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Now this character is one that, when I first found out what cosplay is, I thought Lucy would be the best character for me to cosplay. Fairy Tail is my favorite anime of all time plus I appreciate Lucy’s Celestial Magic. How I would cosplay her would be in this outfit or her older blue and white outfit. All of her other outfits for me personally, are a bit too risqué. But she is amazing being a writer and a celestial wizard. If you haven’t read or watched Fairy Tail please do.

Marin Kitigawa from My Dress-up Darling

This anime/manga truly made me want to take cosplaying more seriously than I already did but in a good way. I appreciate the dedication that Marin goes through to show Gojo the characters that she wants to cosplay. Personally, although, I am not a fan of any of the people Marin cosplays as of now, I would cosplay Marin either in her school uniform or her summer outfit in the anime. This series is not for everyone, but if you love wholesome romance/friendship and fangirling about cosplay, check this series out!


Gwenpool from Gwenpool and West Coast Avengers

An underrated superhero/anti-hero. Gwenpool reminds me of me as far as being a fangirl for the Marvel World(I am not a fangirl of Marvel as big as Gwenpool but I am of other things) Anyhow, Gwenpool is realistic although crude at times, but I admire her personality when it comes to meeting her idols. As far as her cosplay, I would either do her hero outfit that seems easy to wear or her regular outfit when she is not in her hero outfit. (Either of them would work great. If you haven’t read this comic yet you can start on one of the Howard the Duck comics or her first trade volume 1. Check her out!

Spider Gwen from Spider Gwen and Marvel Rising

To me, I think if I cosplayed a well-known superheroine, I have to say Spider Gwen would be who I would pick. This is because she seems like she has the snarkiest lines, and her costume seems the easiest as well as the most form fitting to put on. If you haven’t read the Spider Gwen comics, start at trade number 0 where you can get the most context.


Stacey from the Well Met Series by Jen Deluca

Now this character is one that is the oldest character on this list. She has a sweet personality and also is confident in herself. In this story as well, we view Stacey as she is trying to decide what she wants to do for the rest of her life for herself and her decision made me love her even more. I think Stacey’s outfits would be a perfect for both cosplaying at a convention and a renaissance festival. She is also plus sized like myself so it would be pretty accurate in my personal opinion. I would choose the cover outfit, or she has a green outfit that sounds like it would be nice as well. If you haven’t checked out this book series, start with Well Met if you like renaissance festivals and contemporary romance.

Hanne from the Berserker series by Emmy Laybourne

Norse Mythology + Westerns?? That is essentially what this book feels like. The main character of Hanne protects her family by eating their enemies?? Yeah, it is a strange pick but it’s also one that I enjoyed the characters especially Hanne and the atmosphere. The outfit I would pick would be a frontier women’s outfit, with some fake blood on me to signify after a kill. If you have not read this book, its not for everyone, but if it sounds interesting to you, check it out.

TV Shows

Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the Teenage Witch 90s Live Action

When I was young, this was the first time I experienced a supernatural live action television show on our TV. As I got older, and once I rewatched all of the episodes from start to finish on streaming, I thought it would be so fun to cosplay Sabrina especially in her college days/adult outfits at the newspaper. This show is definitely one that could be dated in its humor and some outfits, however if you enjoy witches and humor and slice of life, check this show out!

Lizzie McGuire from Lizzie McGuire

Ok, for me personally, Lizzie McGuire was my main role model when I was a kid. I also love Lizzie’s fashion sense and her love of shoes. Because of that though, I would love to cosplay Lizzie either from her concert outfit from the end of the movie or her edgiest outfit when she was trying to be a rockstar. If you haven’t watched this show, I would recommend it especially the moral lessons that were presented.


Charlotte From Bandslam

This is my favorite movie of all time, so of course I have always wanted to cosplay Charlotte (the blonde one if you haven’t seen this movie). This is because, this character is the extrovert I have always wanted to be, plus she has fascinating character development throughout the movie also. I would want to cosplay this outfit from her but also, I think it would be cool to wear her Jim’s outfit as well. If you haven’t watched this movie, do it please and thank you.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Now Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess. I like most of the princesses, but I love Rapunzel because of her willingness to try new things, has some fantastic humor, plus the animation of this movie is gorgeous!! When I was in high school, for my prom I wore a dress very similar to Rapunzel’s iconic dress with her braid and it was fantastic. However, I think if I wanted to cosplay her legitimately, I would need to make the dress more accurate, and not wear shoes (or clear shoes).

What about you guys? Who would you love to Cosplay?? It can be anything or anyone! Let’s talk about it!!

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