The Pros and Cons of Tracking Media

Hey guys how’s it going? Today, I want to talk about the pros and cons of Tracking media. You see for me personally, I never thought about tracking my consumption of media until I started becoming a content creator with my blog and Instagram. I have found that there are pros and cons to tracking. I hope you guys find them helpful.


When You Track Your Media, You Know What to Hype For.

When it comes to tracking media, especially if you track series, you are able to hype when the next installment comes out. If you are unsure when that is, that is perfectly fine. You can also be excited for when you are able to watch/read the next installment if everything is out.

You Are Able to Learn How to Be Organized for Both Your Tracking and Everyday Life

This is one that I think I have learned the most tracking my media because it helps me to chronologically track things without forgetting anything. Because of that, it translates to me tracking other things like my events, work schedule, etc.

If You Track, You Know if You Have already Read or Watched Something

Ok this pro is inspired by my dad because I know he has a difficult time remembering what he has watched or red novel wise. I know in my case, tracking media has helped me so much to not repeat reading or watching things unintentionally. I can also intentionally track how many times if I want to.

You Know How Many You Have Consumed and How Well You Liked Them

This is one as a creator, is one I have enjoyed tracking because its amazing how many items someone can consume.

You Can Plan Out All of What You Want to Read/Watch For The Month

Tracking media can also help with planning out your year because you can theme out what you consume. For instance, consuming highlander media for a month. Yes that can be intense but even a whole week or less can help with tracking as well.


You can get Overwhelmed

Tracking can get pretty intense especially when you read and watch soooo much in a week or month. Because of that, I can get overwhelmed with actually tracking sometimes. If I read 20 books in a month, it takes a long time to track that all. Sometimes I don’t even track sometimes because of this.

You could become Too Critical and Not Have Fun

This is something that does not necessarily happen with everyone, but I can definitely see how tracking your media through a social media platform like myself can cause people to become too critical when it comes to their media consumption. Media Consumption should be fun and if you don’t find it fun anymore, just stop doing it for a while.

You Could Get into a Slump

This can happen often with people with consuming media especially when I get overwhelmed. This past year, I myself have been having trouble with a media slump and they can be easy to get into and hard to get out of.

There is a ton of Pressure to read/watch the new releases instead of Whatever You Want

This is especially the hardest con of them all with tracking media especially the last five years of tracking media. Seeing all of the different new releases throughout the years and being pressured to consume things right away, I personally felt like I needed to be accepted into the community because I also consumed the latest things and wanted to know what the fuss is about. Tracking your media can tell everyone else that you are consuming the latest thing or force you into a typecast.

These are My Pros and Cons about Tracking Media. What about you guys? Do you track your media? If you do how do you feel about it?? Let’s talk about it!

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