2021 Goals Personally and Professionally: A Follow-Up and 2022 Goals

Hey guys how’s it going? Today’s post is going to be about following up on my 2021 goals both professionally and personally but also discussing my 2022 goals possibly continuing on with 2021 with some changes or some completely new ones.  Personally, is going to be a lot of goals involving myself moving forward and professionally is going to consist of items involving my job/career and my social media presence. This list is going to consist with 5 personally and 5 professionally so you don’t have to read everything if you don’t want to. Ok let’s get started but first a recap with how I feel I did on the 2021 goals!

2021 Professionally

  1. Review New Releases as well as Backlist in all Media
  2. Don’t buy everything you see
  3. Embrace digital media more
  4. Keep up with Reviews on every platform
  5. Keep up with more variety of posts everywhere

2021 Personally

  1. Budget Budget Budget
  2. Keep learning about my career plus hobbies
  3. Connect Better with People
  4. Keep having fun but also be smart
  5. Plan out everything outside of work

As you can see by the emojis, overall, I do not think I did too badly on accomplishing these goals this past year. However, the main ones that involved money I did not accomplish well, or I didn’t put my reviews on every platform I could. When it came to Goodreads and Amazon reviews themselves, I really never felt like entering in those reviews because of extenuating circumstances plus I got lazy. I know I will need to update especially when it comes to Amazon, but perhaps it is something I will do during the summer or another extended vacation. When it came to my money aspects though, I went out the window. I wanted to have all the media and merchandise that I could find and found all of the deals as well. Now I have to hold back and buy fun items more minimally than before.  I think those two items are my biggest takeaway from this 2021 year.

2022 Goals both Personally and Professionally

Now for 2022, I would like to continue 2021’s goals, but I would also like to continue on with some new goals and those will be as follows both professionally and personally.

2022 Goals Personally


This is the biggest goal that I have on here and the most important is my budget. With new expenses plus need to save for my own place, overall, just being an adult so this I have to fulfill this coming year and yell at me if I don’t.

2. Take Appropriate Breaks and Socialize Outside the Internet

Take a break! Cappuccino with biscuit. Vector illustration.

This is something that for years, I have had such a difficult time with socializing with people especially in my teens and adult life. These past couple of years (not just because of the panini) as an adult, my socializing outside of the internet has been so minimal and I need to get out of the house and socialize with people outside of work and the internet. I am hoping 2022 can make that better. I also know I can take breaks at any point with the internet and socializing so if I need to, I will in 2022.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Go on an Adventure

This is something my boyfriend actually contributed for me. When we first started dating, I was always ready for what he had in store for the day. This is still something I like, however these last couple of years, I’ve gotten a bit blocked or more down than before….. in 2022, I need to be more willing to go on some adventures with not just my boyfriend but everyone.

4. Balance My Food Intake and Exercising More

I know this is something a ton of people put on their lists, however for me personally my health is in jeopardy if I do not fulfill a trend. I think having a friend that I can have accountability with my exercise and food overeating or alternate foods etc. I started that this past year but then I went off the rails. I’m hoping 2022 can make that be better.

5. Last but Certainly Not Least, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Myself

This is probably the biggest item for me. If I don’t do any of the others, I have to do this. I don’t know how I never noticed but about two years ago but also before probably around my teens as well, my sense of anxiety was heightened and my sense of self was cut off and my confidence in myself was shot. It’s something I’ve struggled with a long time and now, becoming more settled and an adult, I need to make sure my own self is true and that my anxiety and confidence comes back in full force.

2022 Goals Professionally

1. Be Bolder and Adventurous When it Comes to My Photography

This is something that I need to do anyway, but this is the year I want to experiment with my photos; better flatlays, more on location photos, playing with colors, etc. This is the year of being me and trying new things.

2. Consume Whatever Media I Want No Matter What It is.

This is pretty self explanatory, but it also means I don’t necessarily have to have the latest releases in media. I can consume the backlist I have. Its truly whatever I want to do. Its free range. Aka I can’t get into peer pressure. Definitely going to make sure that is happening in 2022.

3. Keep Learning and Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New When It Comes to My Career

I put learning all the time as a goal because that was something my parents told me to always do. But in my career especially, sometimes you can get stuck in a box doing the same things all the time and that can get stale fast. So this year I definitely want to change things up and learn more from my peers and mentors.

4.  Plan Better When It Comes to My Overall Schedule

See, this one I tried so hard to accomplish for years and as much as I want to plan things out with work and my hobby and using a planner did help last year, my particular planner broke halfway through the year. So I am hoping that this year with a better quality planner and more time to organize things, planning would be better in 2022.

5. Last but Most Certainly Not Least, do not Lose Sight of Myself in my Career or Hobby

Professionally there are a lot of items that are not me in the aspect of both my career and this hobby such as caring about the numbers of my social media hobby, doing something someone else does because they suggest not because its more helpful for you, being afraid to ask my coworkers and fellow content creators for help,etc. Thats not me. I don’t need to care about those things, I need to trust my gut trust my true self and not lose what makes me me again. This along with the other goals, is the one I need to take care of the most and if it doesn’t happen in 2022, I don’t know what else to do to help myself.

What About You Guys? How Were Your 2021 Goals? Are You Making Your Own 2022 Goals? Let’s Talk About It!

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