My Bookstagram was Hacked!! How it felt to be “off” the grid and What I did to distract myself.

Hey guys how’s it going? This may seem a little clickbait-like, but this did actually happen for me. My instagram was hacked for two weeks and still is as of today (I created a new one that I am using for a fresh start now if you’re interested).

But today’s post is discussing how I dealt with not having a legit bookstagram and what I accomplished. I hope that if this ever happens to you, you can learn what to do in the meantime and please if you can, support me getting back into Instagram again.

I dug a little deeper into some of the other social platforms out there

This image is from the Child Mind institute conducting a study about teen social media addiction

When it came to being hacked, I was not sure what to do with myself when it came to what I was able to look at social media at home after work. I had to ask some of my friends what was happening or if there was something going on I needed to know like an addiction etc. So, I explored elsewhere like TikTok, Facebook, the bloggersvere, and even became more active on my discord. I liked doing that because it gave me perspective on the consumer (what would I want to watch or read about, why people are obsessed with tiktok etc.) plus I wasn’t seeing who I used to follow both positively and negatively (my wallet was probably happy with me as well haha). I think for me though, I needed to be cut off from one platform to better utilize another.

I consumed a lot more media

Being hacked, there were times I also felt like there was really nothing happening in the other platforms, or I was waiting for responses from others so to distract myself, I consumed a ton of the One Piece Anime after I got home from work or a book/manga in between. It showed me that I didn’t have to use a social media platform to comment on how I felt about a certain piece of media but that I could just enjoy it or hate it without an audience. However, I did miss being able to post about my emotions ASAP.

I still had some creative juices flowing so I felt less pressure to create content however, I wasn’t sure where to put it.

I feel like this point was one that was probably the most devasting unfortunately. I am one of those people that loves being creative (even if it epically fails). So not having an Instagram for a bit made me think of all these ideas and think to myself “Ah! now where am I going to put this???” That’s ultimately why I had to start over with an account that’s still going to be me but evolve into something better. Unfortunately, I don’t have a college schedule anymore plus I want to be more social with people so I am not sure how things will turn out, but I am excited to try.

I understood who was in my media corner, and appreciated the “fans” that were able to find me outside of Instagram

Now this! This is something wow I couldn’t fathom when I figured out this while I was off of Instagram. Maybe it’s just because as a creator, you never quite know if any of the content you present has an impact on anyone or anything that happens around you, but it does even if it is just a little bit. I had a few people speak with me wondering what ended up happening plus! I was able to hang out with someone outside of work and the internet and we are trying to make it a regular occurance. I wonder if I hadn’t gotten hacked, that this would have happened but I may never know.

Most Importantly, to take a break when I need it and not feel so much pressure to produce content.

Take a break! Cappuccino with biscuit. Vector illustration.

The last aspect was one that I didn’t think about until being off was that being all connected to social media was that with anything you can get burnt out with it. I see it all the time with content creators they take breaks, and they stop creating content and I truly didn’t understand how they could do that until I was forced to. Taking a break though, gave me a new perspective on what I want my new account to be and what I want Sushirainbow to be as a whole. I have content created seriously for about 3 years now and had my former Instagram for 5 without stopping so perhaps I needed that break unintentionally.

Well, I hope this was helpful for someone and now you know what I learned from being hacked. What about you? What do you think you would have learned from this experience? Let’s talk about it!!!

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