How to Consume a Variety of Media (without breaking the bank)

Hey guys how’s it going? Today’s post is about how I personally consume my variety of media without breaking the bank (for most of the time I am a bargain hunter). I am sure these may be obvious, but I hope they’re helpful. If you have any tips and tricks as well, please leave them in the comments. Now, to my process!

Subscriptions are My Friends, But Can be Overwhelming

For me personally, when it comes to consuming my visual media (movies, TV Shows, Anime, etc.) my subscriptions give me the opportunity to consume a variety of content, however, if I give up on something half-way through, I don’t have the pressure of paying for something expensive just to consume that particular media (if that makes any sense at all). Plus, I can test something on a streaming platform and if I love it, I could potentially buy the physical copy for times that I don’t have a subscription or I have had this happen too, the streaming platform loses the license or drops it off the face of the earth. Because of these, I have explored a ton of media content and found some fantastic recommendations but there are a lot of subscriptions out there so sometimes there are times I deep dive into one and not others.

I Am Not Afraid to Get Recommendations from People

For me personally, social media has helped me so much to explore a variety of media especially Instagram and this platform. Because of that, my knowledge of digital reading has increased, my anime knowledge has increased, and my TV series knowledge has increased. There are also certain websites when it comes to reading that helps with sales on digital media and that has also helped me broaden my horizons.

Most Importantly, I Use Media as a Social Activity

This is the most important because without it, there are probably media especially visual, that I would not have watched without my family, my boyfriend, or even my good friends. There are some that I love, that without getting a push of watching it together or to talk about it with someone, I probably would have still not consumed it.

I hope that this process is something that anyone can use to consume a ton of media themselves and if you have any tips and tricks comment and let me know as well.

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Obsessed with books, anime, manga, and helping others. This Blog will consist of Reviews, Recommendations and Overall Thoughts. I also have an Instagram with the same name.

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