Weekly Check-in 9/25/2021-10/02/2021

Hey guys how’s it going? Weekly Check-in time!! Well two weeks and it was two weeks of exhausting work

Somehow though, during this time, I managed to watch two anime and a TV show. I also read one manga and two novels. Onto the media!


One Piece

So this week, One piece’s arc was very emotional when it comes to their character dynamics. Unfortunately though, I accidently skipped two episodes and now don’t know whats going on but I’ll go back and figure it out but overall I am still finding it interesting and fun. 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣 🍣🍣.

Seven Deadly Sins Dragon’s Judgement

I will be honest I wasn’t very sure how the ending of this series was going to go. But I was very intrigued that it was as fascinating, romantic, and sad all at once. Overall I enjoyed this and appreciated the ending of the series. Because of these points, I have to give this anime a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣🍣🍣.

TV Show

Love on the Spectrum

This is a show that definitely is something I think everyone should watch even if you are not on the Autism Spectrum and here is why:

First, it is a show that shows a ton of social etiquette lessons not just with dating but with friendships in general.

Second, in this particular season there was a lot of other relationships other than heterosexuality which was personally fascinating.

Lastly, I appreciated all of the successful start of relationships that everyone has because last season had a lot more duds unfortunately. Overall, I loved it very much. Because of these points, I have to give this show a 4.5 out of 5 stars or 5 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣.


Series Starters

Manly Appetites

This is a manga series I keep seeing all over Instagram and Youtube and I enjoyed my read but at the same time, I was a tad underwhelmed (perhaps it was too hyped for me) and here’s why.

First, there are a ton of triggers for fat phobic tendencies and dieting discussion but it kind of seems like it is just added for dramatic effect (I know it seems like I say that a lot but it happens).  Second, the plot just seems all over the place like a 4koma comic and it was interesting but at the same time difficult to navigate as well. 

But! Overall, I think its a very fun story especially for someone who wants to try an adult male love romance especially since there is not any explicit scenes. Because of these points, I have to give this manga a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.


The Ex Hex

This was a novel that is definitely one that is perfect for the start of the fall season plus fantastic for people who love adult romance and witches. I was in a reading slump and this book definitely helped me get out of it. I did however have some issues though. First, to me there were some moments that the book was trying too hard to be funny especially when it came to the leading guy. Finally, the other aspect was that there was a lot more smutty moments than I expected and they seemed to be in there too many unnecessary times in my opinion. But overall I truly enjoyed my time with this book and I recommend it for a little witchy fun. Because of these points, I have to give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣🍣🍣

The Forbidden Man

This book is something that won’t be for everyone, however it was something that I think I will be remembering this book for a long time. It has an unexpected age gap along with some wonderful sex scenes and emotions with a fantastic romantic experience. Trigger warnings for emotional abuse, miscarriage, age gap romance with a ton of sex (that was delightful but might be too much for some people). Overall, I enjoyed it but its not for the faint of heart. Because of these points, I have to give this a 4 out of 5 stars or 4 sushi 🍣 🍣🍣🍣.

The Week Ahead

I will be honest I am using spinner wheels to figure out what I want to read or watch and so I am excited to try that because of the randomness of it all but also pick something that has been on my list for a long time. What about you guys? What did you read or watch these past two weeks? Let’s talk about it.

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