Bookworm Essentials While Traveling

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I am going to talk about the traveling bookworm essentials. Whether the trips are short or long, these essentials are important to me to have when I travel. Two Caveats: One, all the photos are my own and most are on my Instagram if you are interested in more and Two, all shops mentioned are linked in their name if you are interested. Now that that’s out of the way, onto the recommendations!

This book sleeve is from Bookbestiesuk, this tablet is a fire 7 and the bookmark is from bibliophileprints

Book Sleeves

These Book sleeves are from clockworkheartco

These are especially important when you are taking multiple books at once in your travel bag. I tend to coordinate my sleeves to my books if possible. All book sleeves people create come in all shapes and sizes as well as padded or non-padded. These are really helpful when traveling so your books don’t get damaged. I remember before I started using book sleeves when I traveled, dust jackets and paperback covers would get damaged in my bags or backpacks even when I was going to school not just road trips. There are many small businesses that create book sleeves: Clockworkheartco, bookbestiesuk, enchantedextras, etc. If you are looking for something specific I am sure there is a shop somewhere that can help. Definitely a game-changer essential while I travel.

Kindle or Tablet

So this essential isn’t for everyone which I understand but the last couple of years I have enjoyed having it especially using my library to get books/manga I may not be able to buy currently. When I travel though, it’s definitely helpful to have when I’m in the mood for something I don’t necessarily take with me physically (plus we now don’t have to carry tote bags of books for a three week road trip anymore). I also have a ton of books on my kindle that I have gotten with No-Rush shipping credits, E review copies, or plain Kindle sales that sound intriguing and are free. My mom has also been loving hers especially with the library app. We also tend to use the tablets for watching shows if others do not want to watch them or for people who do not want to read which is also an option. My particular Tablet is a Fire 7 and I have had it for about 6 years and it is still going strong (we have tried many a tablet and this has lasted the longest for us as a family). If you are not opposed to digital media this is definitely an essential for a travelling bookworm.


These bookmarks are from Bibliophileprints

Last but certainly not least a bookmark is something I try to take every time a take a book physically. Again I try to coordinate my bookmark to my book and my book sleeve and that can be fun especially with my extensive collection of bookmarks. There are a variety of kinds of bookmarks out there and can be used for decoration and of course to save your place in a physical book. My favorite bookmark shops have to be creativechaotics, bibliophileprints, and bookishadventuresshop etc. This is another essential that I am sure everyone finds obvious but sometimes I need the reminder to take a bookmark with me haha!

What about you guys? Do you have any bookworm travel essentials? Can you think of any I am missing?? Let’s talk about it!! 

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