If I could Change the Music of an Anime….. Opening and Ending Mashups

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I am going to discuss anime openings and endings. These songs help amplify and create the mood of the anime. For me personally, they really help me determine whether I am going to continue on a series or not and remember my watching experience long after I watch it.

So do you guys remember when I did the blog post about AMVs??

Yep I am using this GIF again!

Well this time I am going to put a different spin on it. Instead of making AMVs or Anime Music Videos, I am going to mash up different anime openings/endings with different animes. Sometimes they can be similar but sometimes they can be drastically different. Onto the Recommendations!

My Hero Academia Opening 2-Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu

My Hero Academia – Opening 2 | Peace Sign – YouTube

Paired With: Harukana Recieve

This Opening is perfect for this anime because My Hero Academia is expressing is their Sports Festival Arc with exercising the heroes’ body, mind, and spirit. Harukana Receive is doing the same thing at their beach volleyball practice everyday. Even though the stretching that the hero students are doing versus what the girls could be doing are more risqué in their bikinis, I think this particular opening would have elevated the hype that Harukana Receive has (especially since I don’t remember their opening very well). Because of those points, this is the perfect pairing.

Chihayafuru Opening 2-Star by 99RadioService

Chihayafuru 2 – Opening | Star – YouTube

Paired With: Lovely Complex

With this particular pairing, I went with a more dramatic approach because the anime in question although is hilarious most of the time, there are quite a bit of misunderstandings and dramatic moments with the couple in this anime. Not just that though, there is also a lot of self-discovery especially with the main female character Risa. This song reflects that self-discovery in the leading lady in Chihayafuru as well. Because of that, I think this is perfect.

Food Wars Opening 2-Rising Rainbow by Misokkasu

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma OPENING 2 | Rising Rainbow (HD) – YouTube

Paired With: Say I Love You

I feel like these two can work together because although the theme songs already in this anime are soft and dainty, there are a ton of dramatic moments in this anime that could use this opening’s elevation of tone. Plus I don’t know about you guys, but contemporary animes having an upbeat opening make me love them even more that’s why these would be a perfect pair.

Fruits Basket Opening 3-Prism by AmPm ft. Miyuna

Fruits Basket Season 2 – Opening Theme – Prism – YouTube

Paired With: Zombieland Saga

Now with this pairing, I am instead of having an intense metal rock sounding opening like Zombieland Saga originally has, I want to pair it Fruits Basket Season 2 opening where they are at the beach having a good time because these girls are just trying to be successful idols (even though they are Zombies). So because of that, that’s why I believe this is a great pairing.

Ascendence of a Bookworm Opening 1-Mashiro by Sumire Morohoshi

Ascendance of a Bookworm – Opening | Mashiro – YouTube

Paired With: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

So both of these series have main characters that either are plucked into a fantasy world and stay there or go to a fantasy world as much as they live in the modern world in a video game. I also think it would work perfectly because their fantasy world lore seems very similar. Because of that, I think this opening from Ascendance of a Bookworm would be perfect for Recovery of an MMO Junkie also.

Demon Slayer Ending One-From The Edge by FictionJunction ft. Lisa

Kimetsu no yaiba ED – YouTube

Paired With: Violet Evergarden

I think I had to pair these two together because this ending song and Violet Evergarden’s overall theme seem to fit together in tone and feeling. I also feel like the punch of some of harmonies in this ending would have enhanced the Violet Evergarden watching experience from one episode to another. Because of these points, visualizing this pairing makes me feel some emotions!

Overall, these are just a few ideas I have for making an awesome Anime Mashups. I hope everyone got a bunch of anime as well as song recommendations. What ideas do you have for new openings/endings for different anime? If not, would you like more of these posts? Let’s talk about it!

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