Good friend groups! My Definition and Some Recommendations

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss good friend groups.

Now, what is a good friend group you may ask?

One that has good communication

One of the tropes that I have difficulty dealing with media is the miscommunication trope especially when it comes with friends. I think if you have a truly strong friendship with someone, there should be a strong communication also.

One that can be relatable

When it comes to the plots that have friend groups in them, no matter what it is via fantasy sci fi or even contemporary, I personally need a story I can relate to or at least understand such as when friends tease each other, when they have inside jokes, thoughtful words to each other and I especially love when the friends talk to each other about their hobbies and if they both love a particular hobby I love seeing those discussions also because I can relate to it.

One that has a ton of fun

I always love friend groups in media who have a traditions and fun adventures happening in their stories. They show how they got together in the first place, some of their personality traits, and overall helps their development move along. For example, I love when there are traditions of friends buying pizza and sitting in front of their tv binging a show or movies and in some instances slumber parties because it shows a buildup of friendship and sometimes a relationship.

Lastly, and maybe most important, One that no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for you

There is something to be said about friendships who stick together through years of being separated and doing their own path, but also when something happens to someone and they need their friends to be there for them physically or mentally. One of my psychology professors told me that social support is an essential buffer for preventing disorders so I appreciate when the friend group is there to support through thick and thin.




This manga/anime series is one that although it may seem like a stereotypical high school romance, it actually has one of my favorite friend groups of all time. Its because, although there’s some minor drama in this, it has fantastic communication among the characters and a huge emphasis on friendship not just love. I also love that the characters felt real and not 2D archetypes. Please check out this series if you haven’t already.

Book Series

Lunar Chronicles

So I picked this book series because this is one of those that the friend group was created not necessarily by choice. It was necessary because of the circumstances that were presented to the characters that they work together to save the universe. However, despite all of the obstacles, the friend group is so relatable with their conversations and fantastic discussions about their individual interests. Plus the shenanigans they come up with was hilarious although important to the story. Check the books out if you haven’t already!

TV Show

Big Hero 6 the series

This series is a like a slice of life sequel to the movie Big Hero 6. Although it still has a ton of superhero stuff also, the friend group in here is just so awesome. They are all vastly different people but they are all intelligent (in their own respectable way), they go on their own adventures but at the same time have some small traditions like getting together at one of the characters’ restaurant etc. Overall they are a fantastic friend group!


Perks of Being a Wallflower

I had to add this movie here because it is the epitome of a friendship story. The main character is a person who doesn’t have any friends at the start and the other two main characters bring him into their friend group with Rocky Horror Picture participation, going to football games, having a Secret Santa exchange, even Truth or Dare. There were also a few aspects of this that had how to tackle a first girlfriend and how to tackle what happens when friendship drifts apart. This is also a book so if you are not interested in watching the movie you can read the book too (although the soundtrack is amazing too). Check it out!

What’s Your Definition of a Good Friend Group??? Also Do you have any Good Friend Group Recommendations?? Let’s Talk about it!!!

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