If I could make AMVs these are what I would do…

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I am going to be combining a few of my favorite loves Music and anime/manga. I remember when I was first starting out watching anime, I was one of those fans that would watch AMVs of my favorite animes/songs in a loop.  If you do not know what an AMV is it is an anime themed music video.

Me in a music jam pose!

These are definitely really helpful in discovering new animes and songs but also to help with loving favorite characters and scenes. These are some ideas I would have if I had the tech knowledge to do this so if anyone decides to do amvs of these (I am looking at you LitaKinoanimecorner) let me know. I was inspired by Lita and Irina’s collaboration post about Anime and Lyrics to Songs.  Onto the Recommendations!



Paired With: Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods/Fairy Tail the Final Season

I picked both of these anime seasons because the song is talking about being in an intense battle. Mainly about two people trying to get through one. So since these two anime have a ton of relationships/friendships involved, I feel like either one would be great to pair with this song.

End of Time- Alan Walker


Paired With: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

This pairing is one that is for the overall anime because it takes place ten years after the death of a main character who was in a big friendship group. This song shows that no matter how long it has been since you’ve not seen each other, love can transcend time.



Paired With: Smile Down the Runway

Now this one, I have to think that this song and anime pair would pair well together because of the intensity of the two main ladies plus this song would be perfect for a fashion show which also occurs in this anime.

A Million Dreams-P!nk


Paired With: Fruits Basket 2019

Ok this pairing probably needs a little bit of explanation. This would apply to season 2 of fruits basket because there’s a ton of expansion and emotion that occurs of a ton of characters’ hopes and dreams and there’s one person Tohru that holds these dreams in her heart and head.

Won’t Stop Running-A Great Big World


Paired With: Run With The Wind

This pairing may seem a bit obvious because of both of the titles, but I think this would work also because of the emotional parts of the song and anime. It could follow just one character or all of them frankly.

Write Your Story -Francesca Battistelli


Paired With: Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

This one is also a tad obvious but I think this pairs together because first, the main characters are actually creating a story in a manga first, then there’s a overall arc of the characters especially the leading lady trying to make her own story and try to get together with the leading guy.

Guardian-Alanis Morissette


Paired With: Full Moon wo Sagashite

With this pairing, it can be used for  different characters especially the shinigami helping the main character become the best idol she can be. This could also be applied to another character (if you’ve watched or read it you know).

If I Let You Go-Westlife


Paired With: Anonymous Noise

Now this pairing, I would only focus on one couple for this. There’s a love triangle in this and one part of the triangle was with the girl in childhood but then let her go to pursue his dreams along with making sure she is happy without him.

Best Friend-Jason Chen


Paired With: Chihayafuru

With this pairing, it would focus a lot more on the main characters Arata, Taichi, and Chihaya because of the history that is presented throughout the series. It can truly go for either pair but it would especially be perfect with clips from the third season.


Overall, these are just a few ideas I have for making an awesome AMV. I hope everyone got a bunch of anime as well as song recommendations. What ideas do you have for AMVs? If not, would you like more of these posts? Let’s talk about it!

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