2021 Goals Personally and Professionally

Hey guys how’s it going? Today’s post is going to be about my 2021 goals both professionally and personally. Professionally is going to include stuff as far blogging and Instagramming but also a little bit with my job although I won’t bore you guys with those details. Personally is going to be alot of self assistance but also moving forward with the future if that makes sense. This list is going to consist with 5 personally and 5 professionally so you don’t have to read everything if you don’t want to. Ok let’s get started!!


Review New Releases as well as Backlist in all Media

So in the middle of 2020, I started getting some Netgalley review books from a friend of mine and by the end of the year, I updated my own and have some new releases coming out in 2021 that I want/need to read to help publishers. However, I also realized I didn’t really watch much new anime in 2020 except for a couple so I want to watch some different kinds of new anime coming up too.

Don’t buy everything you see

This was something I did a lot in 2020; I saw a deal and went for it alot and although I am excited for everything I have now, its definitely going to take me awhile to review and consume it all even rewatch it in some instances. But, my goal for 2021 is to be more selective in my buying. Not bring so much in that I am just intrigued by or blind buy something that just looks cute and fun.

Embrace digital media more

This goal is one that ever since I got my Fire Tablet, I’ve not been embracing as much as I should. However, sometimes I buy both digitally and physical copies of things and never touch the digital things and vice versa. In 2021 I want to balance it out a lot more with as far as reading read something physical and read something digital either everyday or night or at least every week. Also when it comes to watching I hope to watch something I own but also something on a streaming service also every week as well in 2021. This way it can also balance out my new release and backlist goal as well.

Keep up with Reviews on every platform

Yeahhhhhh this is something I need to do very much so especially in 2021 when in 2020 the last six months I got behind on reviews everywhere other than on the blog and Instagram every once in awhile. When it comes to goodreads and Amazon though, I procrastinate. I think its because Amazon and Goodreads reviews are easier to do on the computer (that’s a whole other issue in itself) and I don’t always have access to a desktop 24/7. Anyhow though I am going to find a way to get the review across every platform plus update my Amazon affiliate stuff because there’s a lot of stuff not in there. Wish me luck on that!

Keep up with more variety of posts everywhere

Last thing for my professional goals is to be more creative in my posts. I’m sure all of you love the posts I come up with that are elaborate here on the blog but I also want to create some beautiful posts that can intermingle with all the reviews in the best way. I think I just need to follow through what kind of ideas pop into my head (despite how goofy they can be.) And if they seem impossible to just try it anyway and hope for the best. Take a risk 🤣. Anyhow im excited to see how these goals go.


Budget Budget Budget

Now this goal is one that trumps my previous ones tenfold. Since starting the job I love six months ago, I liked shopping just as much for every hobby I enjoy along the lines of almost making myself broke (don’t do this) and although it makes me happy, budgeting in the new year will make things better/easier for everyone.

Keep learning about my career plus hobbies

This one is a goal I try to do every year. My mom has always told me you need to always keep learning no matter what you decide to do. Plus as a requirement for my professional license, I have to do some continuing education classes so I want to continue learning more about my profession plus learn more about blogging and photography.

Connect Better with People

Oh my gosh! 😣 does this have to be a thing?? YES it does!! Because me and people can be so difficult at times. That’s something I’ve especially have had trouble with in 2020 especially now.

So what exactly does that mean??? It means that I want to try and comment more on posts both blogs and Instagram but also try to text and talk more on Discord (discord link on my site and Instagram linktree) but also just reconnecting with people in person/IRL that I have lost touch with or just put myself out there to strangers (not too much but just complimenting people etc.) I know with 2020 being more isolating than ever before with 2021 being more unknown its not going to be the ideal time to figure this out but if not now, when? We will see what happens I think.

Keep having fun but also be smart

So this goal seems to be self explanatory but essentially its this: love what I am doing, blogging, reviewing, posting photography, etc. But also be smart;use what I got don’t buy more stuff just for a post, do not overrequest what you can’t review promptly, don’t watch something that you’re not sure you’re going to like, stuff like that. Also I am going to try and not feel pressure to read or watch certain things because of the hype. Do what I like unapologetically.

Plan out everything outside of work

I want to do this but at the same time to plan out all the outside of work stuff.

Now this is the most important goal on my list because this is something I need to do better for the new year especially because of the new job plus I realized that my planning is not the best when it comes to scheduling posts, no procrastinating on domestic stuff, etc. So im hoping using two planners to help (the third in this picture was used this year and it was very helpful). I am also going to try and separate out personal stuff/work and my social media platforms by using a planner assigned to those things.

The Bibliophile Planner is from Bibliophileprints and Go! Calendars is where the other two planners are from.


Overall, I truly hope that these goals are something I am able to do.

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Obsessed with books, anime, manga, and helping others. This Blog will consist of Reviews, Recommendations and Overall Thoughts. I also have an Instagram with the same name.

2 thoughts on “2021 Goals Personally and Professionally

  1. I want to embrace digital media more too. I think I stayed away from it because it was hard to make bookstagram posts with them, but I’m working on it. I think I’ve got a good plan.


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