Reviews: Just How Important Are They?

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss something that has been going around social medias and it was about how important book reviews are.

Ehh this sheet could be better 🤣

Well since I do not just review books, I wanted to talk about reviewing in general. Let’s get started!

Reviewing helps people discover new kinds of media

Time to Explore!!

For me personally, I read and listen to reviews around to discover what kinds of new stories are out there. Because although I know quite a bit about certain media, I want to know more. There’s also the saying that is said in reviews: “If you like this, you’ll truly like this and if it’s something that you have never heard before or its brand new, reviews definitely help with that. In addition, reviews help with finding new genres. For instance when it comes to horror, I am squeamish/wimpy and when someone reviews a book or tv show and they say its very gory, I am probably staying away. But! If its labeled horror and it isn’t as gory or is nice for first-time wimpy horror people, I would give it a shot.

Reviewing helps keeps certain media away from people

Run away!!!

There’s an age old discussion about how media can be percheived as bad/deceptive and here’s why

There’s some bias involved when it comes to who’s the audience of the media and whose perspective the media presents. Media can also show awful/traumatic things happening and not warning any people about it (trigger warnings). Reviewing media can help people find out beforehand what to expect especially if they are unsure whether you want to consume them or not. If you’re afraid of something or triggered by something, reviews really help.

Reviewing helps boost underrated media up

You raise me up…..

Now this reason is something I have only learned the last couple of years when I started reviewing books/manga on my Instagram. Underrated books need reviews!! If independent/self published books do not recieve a lot of reviews or ratings, they get pushed under the radar and no one reads them. Hidden Gems just get put under the radar. Reviews can rise them up and make the most underrated story more hyped.

Lastly, Reviewing helps with constructive feedback

This is the most important of all

Reviews are important on all aspects of media. However, the most important is that reviews help with constructive criticism and feedback for the future work whatever that may be. Also with more reviews, people can see what people love or hate and create more media with those positive or negative aspects.


Overall, to me reviews are very important. There are positive and negative things involved but still necessary to keep the media industry alive in my opinion. What do you think? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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