“I want to find someone who makes me feel like music does.” Music Romance recommendations

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss one of my favorite types of stories. Music Romance! I have always enjoyed watched as well as read the aspect of being in a band and either a fan falling in love with a band member or two people falling in love with each other because of music. Ahhhh its awesome! Here are some recommendations that hit at my heartstrings(yes pun intended). To narrow down this list, I am doing three books, three anime/manga, and three movies. Hope this helps you pick out your next musical romance needs!



This is my favorite movie of all time!!

This movie is one that not a lot of people know about. It first presents this teenager who writes letters to David Bowie on the daily who doesn’t really have many friends and is bullied because of something that is discussed more thoroughly in the later half of the movie. All of a sudden, his mom says they are moving somewhere else and at his new high school he discovers a battle of the bands contest called Bandslam. Where the romance comes in allows it to be a bonus feature of this entire movie and you are not quite sure who the ending love interest is until the end of the movie. The music to me is also beautiful as well as unique so that’s the reason why I recommend it to people. Check it out if you haven’t already.


This is the newest music romance that I have watched on this list. This discusses the concept of “What if the Beatles were erased from existence and only one person knew about them before?” I know I know it sounds crazy and where does the romance come in? Its interesting. The one person that knew about the Beatles used their songs to get famous and the reliable manager that supported the person before they became famous. (I think you can figure out the rest…) It is one that I was surprised how much I enjoyed and how mundane the romance was (in the best way though). Check it out if you haven’t already.

Raise Your Voice

There are quite a few movies that fit this sort of music romance but I picked Raise Your Voice because 1: Hilary Duff 2: Musical conservatory, and 3: There’s intense drama on top of the romance with family not supporting the leading girl for wanting to become a professional singer plus the grief of losing a sibling who was like a best friend. So yes this one is more of a tearjerker than the other movies. However, it also explores music romance with a deeper meaning than the others I have listed. Check it out if you haven’t already.


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

This is a book I have read several times and is quite different from the movies I have listed so far. This discusses a relationship that is built on developing unexpected tastes and not lying just listening to your heart. This discusses a former model who makes an unexpected friend at her high school who listens to all kinds of music from classic rock to water dripping and presents them on a radio show. There’s also some familial struggles that occur such as one having an eating disorder and another in deep depression along with some bullying so if those are something that you are not interested in reading do not read this. I love this book because it presents a bunch of life lessons and shows a more music listening connoisseur than a player himself. There’s more to it than that but I will try not to spoil the story. If this interests you, please check this out.

Dating an Alien Popstar

Modern day music connoisseur falling in love with an alien pop star….need I say more??? Ha! Truly if you love fun supernatural/light sci fi romance as well as music romance titles check this book series out!

Boy Band by Jacqueline E Smith

This Figure from Uta No Prince-sama which is a boy band anime that’s not on this list because there’s no set romance but if you love that anime check this book out!

This book series is a lot more surface dramatic than any other I have listed thus far. I think its because more about the relationship slowly building up but then a whole bunch of unnecessary drama gets in their way (like miscommunication, other characters getting in the way, etc….). But its really fun nonetheless. Anyhow, I would say if you are interested in teenage boyband romance drama check out this underrated series.


La Corda d’oro Primo Passo

This anime is one of beauty. This is an adaptation of an otome game (video games that allow you to choose your own adventure with romances most of the time) but you would not know about that going in. This is about a magical fairy who enchants a violin and a girl who had no musical talent finds it and enters a classical music contest with several cute boys. Yes that probably sounds very vague but the music and the show is dramatic as well as beautiful. Check it out.


This anime is one that at least for me is dark and dramatic but also is refreshing in the sense that it has all of the feels of a young adult romance but it is with two similarly aged high school aged boys and not a boy and girl and the plot isn’t why are two boys not getting together because they are in fact two boys but the fact that one is trying to get over a previous relationship and the other is still trying to figure out his life as a professional guitar player in a band. I love this also because there are more relationships/romantic moments in this anime than expected and I enjoy all but one (if you know you know). If this interests you, check this out.

Full moon wo sagashite

I want to say when it comes to anime, this was my very first music romance. Looking back on it, it was an unexpected one. This talks about a girl who has sarcoma, a disorder that affects her breathing. She loves to sing though and wants to become a professional. She achieves this in some form or fashion by the help of two Shinigami (helpers of the afterlife in Japanese culture to put it lightly). The romance is one though I didn’t think would happen. Its one I definitely want to revisit. If this interests you, check it out.


In conclusion, as you can tell, Music Romance is one of those genres that can spread across mediums. There are some that are very dramatic like Just Listen and Raise Your Voice, and others that are very fun like Dating an Alien Pop Star and La Corda d’oro Primo Passo. Have you read or watched any of these? There are also so many out there that I haven’t read or watched so tell me in the comments your recommendations.

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