Rereading/Rewatching: How Helpful is it for Slumps


Slumps… happens to everyone in some part of your life whether is for fun or required aspects of your life.

But how can you get out of it? For some it is as simple as picking up a simple genre the fluffiest romantic-comedy.

For others, it is rereading or rewatching something they really love and want to revisit it again and again.

But Why? Why is this so helpful when you are in a slump. This post is going to tell you why personally, I reread and rewatch media when I get in a slump especially since these last few months, I have done that as well as read and watch new things. If you do this too, comment below and tell me why you do it. Lets talk about it!

It has stuck with you and now you want to watch more of it.

When it comes to reading and watching some media, there are moments to me that I just think about a certain series and I want to reread and rewatch it alot and sometimes more than once. A prime example for me is with the sports anime franchises I’ve recently watched. I think about the feelings of camraderie and mindless anime plot so those aspects make them rewatchable to me personally.

Using a new medium for a different experience.

When I discover a new medium i.e. reading a physical book and then rereading said book through audio or vice versa and I missed a tiny detail or some quotes made me feel more being spoken rather than read. Or with an ebook rather than a physical book being able to highlight without ruining a book (different discussion not the point). Theres so much you can experience when you change the mediums.

Adaptations bring a new perspective

The adaptation of one of my books or one of my favorite movies is getting a novelization, I definitely want to reread or watch to revisit why I love it so much and wonder how anyone could adapt it or once it comes out to understand what they were thinking etc. Prime example being movies cutting items out or changing the order of things.

Lastly because I love the item so much and I want to be happy again

Lastly, and possibly the most important reason why I reread or rewatch things is because I love them, I want to go back to their world and have fun laughing at my favorite characters or learn a moral lesson once again that I may have missed. Plus, when I like something, I want to find more of it.

Overall, I believe that rewatching and rereading media can help someone get out of slumps and these are why. What about you? Lets talk about it!

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2 thoughts on “Rereading/Rewatching: How Helpful is it for Slumps

  1. Love this! Rereading/rewatching can be so beneficial, especially if it’s something you loved before. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit through something you already know the story of without worrying about what’s going to happen. I think that’s why so many people are able to get out of slumps with romances. Because romances have to have happily ever after/happy for now endings, you know that you aren’t going to have to worry about whether the couple will end up together or not. So being able to just sit back and enjoy the story helps when in a slump.

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