Sports Anime for the Athletic Newbie

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss sports animes. These past few months, I have enjoyed watching sports anime of all kinds lately.

When you are not sure what’s on and just want to be a part of something…..

However, I don’t have an athletic bone in my body(except I used to do marching band when is someone going to do a marching band anime?)

SpongeBob is the closest I know for a Marching Band being animated if I’m wrong please let me know

Anyway, so I want to discuss a couple of sports anime that I have enjoyed and why I like them. Onto the anime!


Haikyuu is where it began for me in the anime world like a lot of people. I enjoy this anime because it shows the team camaraderie of volleyball without being boring. In addition, it shows one person attempting to follow their dream with no skill at all and working their way up the ranks of skill.

All of Haikyuu’s openings are motivational and allow you to feel the emotion of being a part of a team

The most amazing part of this anime that you can always relate to someone no matter who they are. I would recommend it to any person as a fantastic starting point if you like watching sports particularly volleyball.


This is an anime I would recommend for someone who wants to learn a brand new sport with some added romantic tension involved. Its individual as well as a group sport and although complex, fascinating to watch.

This is one I also can recommend for the camaraderie and the individual journey as well the only difference is that there’s a lot more repetition throughout the anime than others so that may deter some people just a warning.

Ah Chihayfuru’s entire score is beautiful in its own way since the game itself combines literature with a sport they needed to make it appealable and it certainly is in my opinion

Theres also a love triangle involved also so if you love romance in conjunction with your media check this anime out.

Run with the Wind

This is about a group of college guys who are “roped into” running for the university track team by their captain/cook of their apt complex.

What I love about this anime the most is that although this is a team with individual times etc., it takes the time to give most of the boys background information and presents all of their motivations for running.

For me personally, since it presents a variety of skill level in its characters, I could relate to it in the sense of trying their best and not really succeeding at the start. And like the rest I have listed here, the camraderie and emotions presented in this anime is amazing.

Like Haikyuu, I feel that Run with the Wind’s score is motivational and appealable for someone who wants to listen to music while running for its openings and its endings hit you in the heartstrings. Its definitely one of the reasons that I have kept watching.
I had to add this ending song so you could listen: In the ending animation itself there is a line of the entire team running in sync and that reminded me of being in time with my comrades in marching band if you have had that feeling before oooo listen to this song if you can.


In conclusion, I want to say that these sports animes have shown me that although I am not as athletically inclined as the characters in them, there is something that can be conveyed for pretty much everyone. Of course when watching all three of these, I feel I can get something different out of them every rewatch in the future. I hope also if someone stumbles upon this blog post, they can give these anime a shot if they haven’t already. Leave me a comment if you want to try them or any recommendations I am missing. Let’s talk about it!

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8 thoughts on “Sports Anime for the Athletic Newbie

  1. Iโ€™ve seen one of those but one sports anime I used to watch a lot was Prince of Tennis. I used to really enjoy it when I was obsessed with tennis for a short time (I still really like it, but I donโ€™t really play or watch it). But I donโ€™t remember pretty much anything from it anymore ๐Ÿ˜‚


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