Anime…Where do I start?

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss how to get into anime. I know a lot of people who enjoy TV shows and movies and see anime and think “I want to try it but where do I start?” or they see an anime section on Netflix and think “this is so overwhelming and a lot of these are explicit so what do I pick?”

Its amazing how much anime is out there to consume.

This can happen often with new watchers but also with seasoned ones as well so today I want to give some tips on how to start watching anime. I hope these are helpful when you are having difficulty on what to watch plus starting anime for the first time. Onto the tips!

Start Small: Watch a movie or a short series

A little can go a long way

When it comes to anime there are long series (I mean the series one piece has at least 1000 episodes) and short ones (13 episodes are typically the shortest with some having less) and lastly there are anime movies (Studio Ghibli films etc.) So I recommend for a new anime watcher to watch a movie or a short series to start that way in case you’re not a fan of animation or you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you can watch something short and sweet

These two are two movies I would recommend for new anime. My neighbor totoro would also be great for young children to watch too.

Give in to the Hype!: Watch something everyone talks about

Hype it up up up!

When it comes to anime, there are some that nearly every anime watcher has watched; Pokémon, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket Maid-sama,Soul Eater Blue Exorcist, Inuyasha, Dragonball Z to name a few. Because of the hypedness, you may be able to watch one that you can research a lot about the plot plus reviews that have already been published to figure out whether you will like it based on key words or not. Plus the hype may make you more excited to watch it.

I tried this particular series because I saw a lot of hype surrounding it and it was fantastic. You never know what people hype up.

Go in Blind: Watch something that has cool character designs or a sweet title.

Now this one is one I did often when I started watching anime. Most of the time though it was by titles. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of places where I could look up plot synopsis so I just watched random series because the title was cool and sometimes I stayed in a series because it kept me engaged and the animation was beautiful. Most of the time there were some great series and some that I still remember years after watching them for the first time. Sometimes you can find some hidden treasures when you go in with no expectations and can help test your tastes when you are a new watcher.

This is a series also can be a movie I think I watched both I do not remember but I saw the title and was intrigued and towards the end I cried my eyes out.

Read the Source material? Watch the adaptation.

Most of the time this is true but it still doesn’t hurt to give it a shot

Now I saved this for last because it is the most simple tip I can give you: If you have read the manga, you can watch the anime or vice versa. It is like with reading the books and watching the movie; you semi know the plot already plus adaptations can be interpreted. Plus for new watchers you have somewhere to try first and go from there.

For my personal story, I heard about the Tokyo Mew Mew manga through my friend group but my family did not let me read it but they let me watch the anime and I’ve never looked back.


Overall, although these are fantastic ways to get started in anime, there are a ton more ways to do so. These can be helpful for new watchers as well as people who can be overwhelmed with how much anime is out there at times. I hope these are helpful with your next watch. Do you have any thoughts on these tips? Do you have any new recommendations for anime for me? Let’s talk about it!

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