Implementing Fandom into Daily Life: Easy or Difficult?

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I want to discuss implementing Fandom into daily life and whether it is easy or difficult. This is something I have thought about for awhile especially becoming an adult where it is often not recommended to show that you love certain fandoms. Throughout my particular life though, I think I have effectively implemented fandom in my life pretty easily but there have been moments where it has been difficult to navigate.

Inspiration for this blog post

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and read the manga in local booksellers

The main inspiration for this post is the manga/anime is Wotakoi love is hard for an otaku where the main leading lady (Narumi) hides so much when it comes to her otakuness at work and thinking she cannot fall in love without hiding her true self. Her childhood friend(Hirotaka) who works with her embraces his otakuness (and is in love with her I may add) and tells her in the beginning of the series (so it’s not spoilerly) that you don’t have to hide anything when it comes to the hobbies/fandom in her life with me so they end up dating. I think watching this anime/reading this manga helps people who think they need to hide fandom all the time to find someone like Hirotaka who embraces what he loves and never lets anyone/anything bother him.

Ways to implement fandom into your life


This post represents all the merch and interests I particularly have what about you guys? Let’s talk about it!

This is probably the most easy way that people can implement fandom in their life all the stuff essentially. Nowadays, there is fan merch for practically everything anime book music the works. I know for me personally I have so much merch for a variety of fandoms that I like there isn’t room for it all sometimes. These can also be great conversation starters to introduce people to the fandom that is represented. My personal favorite is the kind that is most useful such as wearables and home decor.

Pure Exploration of Media

Fun fact: When I first recieved a laptop in middle school was the first time I went down a fandom rabbit hole particularly with Anime.

This can be pretty easy or difficult depending on the person. For a person who has a ton of interests such as myself, I can explore all different kinds of youtubers, blogs, Instagrammers, etc. and find something to my taste. For some people, they want to find their fandom somewhere no matter where it is. Nowadays there are a ton of recommendations out there for if you like this you’ll like this for a lot of media. When you follow these, you are implementing fandom in your daily life.

Educating yourself

This is something that people may not think about when they think fandom.

This can go hand in hand with pure exploration but I’ll add that there is so much a person may not know about the fandom they love that educating themselves would be a great idea for implementing fandom into your life. For example, I did not know until recently that the manga industry produced their chapters of a series in Japan in magazines before compiling them into a full manga book with those magazines they determine the demographics we know. (I am sure the veteran manga readers knew this but that’s not the point). Educating yourself is important and you become more of an expert on your fandom because of it.

Finding your people

I think part of the reason that I am into fandoms is because of the people

I guess one of the easiest ways especially with the internet being what it is to implement fandom into your life is finding your people; people who have similar tastes to you, or who do not but convince you to try something different. Take Hirotaka from Wotakoi again; he loves video games and he and Narumi play the same game together and once the middle of the series starts, hes playing another video game with the other characters too as well as Narumi. But he can also respect that the other characters like other things too like cosplay or manga. Finding your people can be the one thing that makes the difficulty of implementing fandom easy or hard because there could be people in your life who are like “anime or manga what’s that?” Or “k-pop? That’s strange music why do you like that?” and you need the people who know and understand these things to talk to about them. But be wary of the extremities that can occur with this phenomenon. There are some fans that can be too much for some people and vice versa.


Overall, the ways listed above are ways you can implement fandom in your daily life. Are these things you guys already do? What did I miss? Let’s talk about it!!!

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2 thoughts on “Implementing Fandom into Daily Life: Easy or Difficult?

  1. We were also inspired by Watakoi! We started our own series of blogs about meeting peers and embracing the weeb culture in everyday life 😀 It honestly makes us happier as people to not hide your hobbies and interests. Embrace the inner weeb, let your fandom flag fly!

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