Weekly Check-In 07/11/2020

Hello there, today I am going to discuss my weekly check-in for this week and I will be honest there was not a lot of reading going on but there was a lot of watching and listening going on. I started an anime, started watching a show with my dad, listened to several episodes of a podcast, and read a manga. Overall, an interesting week. Onto the media!

TV Show

Republic of Doyle

I’ll be honest, I despise the main character of this show yet I can’t stay away lol

This show reminds me the most of the tv show except not as funny in my personal opinion (I think it’s because the main guy is a womanizer but that’s beside the point). I enjoy watching this with my dad because I enjoy the rest of the characters plus the crimes are interesting. But I’m passively watching it as opposed to my dad who is actively watching it.


Run with the Wind

This anime has some apparent male bathing involved so not for younger audiences just fyi.

I am in a sports anime mood right now. I think because of haikyuu and chihayafuru plus kurokos basketball. I tried this in particular though because of the college setting and because (although I would never do it myself) running cross country/ track has always been interesting to me plus the variety of characters from all walks of life are hilarious yet profound. I am truly excited to continue however, I have not been able to watch many sports animes subbed well so the watching will be a bit slow until the dub is complete.


Snow White with the Red Hair

I loved this anime and when I found out the manga was coming out I needed to read this!

I’ll be honest; with everything going on lately, I have taken my time with this manga.I think it’s because I do not have the rest. I enjoy this series in general because it is atmospheric plus the couple supports each other in their ambitions and although like each other, do not force the romance. The art is beautiful and word for word the anime but overall, the volume was fun. Because of these points, I have to give this a four out of five stars or four sushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣.


Dubtalk Podcast

I have listened to this podcast for the past year but I’ve listened even more this week

This podcast was something that enriched my anime love especially this week. I needed to listen to something on my way back and forth to work that was enticing plus not the same songs on a loop so i decided to catch up on this podcast. Originally, I started listening to this podcast last year because I wanted to hear more about people analyzing anime series and this podcast is exactly that especially with English dubs. I think my favorite part is that there are several participants in this podcast and they all bring something to the table that is different from each other. I would definitely recommend it to an anime fan if you like the dubs plus analysis.

The Week Ahead

Overall, this was the week of being an otaku. That’s probably because last week I read so much I needed to change my tactics lol. What about you guys? What did you guys read and watch this week? Do you listen to podcasts? Let’s talk about it!

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