Weekly Check-In 07/04/2020

Hello today we are doing a weekly-check in on my birthday!! (Do not worry, I wanted to post today because its something I love doing). To be honest though, I haven’t finished too many items this week but one with the addition of starting quite a few things some very unexpected and one that has been a “Christina why haven’t you gotten to it sooner?” Let’s get started on the media!


The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

This enraged me yet intrigued me at the same time however most of the actors were unappealing in my personal opinion.

The one item my family and I finished this week was this mini-series based on the novel by Anne Bronte. For the subject matter, its gothic-like but at the same time intense because of the abuse and degrading of the leading lady. A lot of trigger warnings involved including abuse (both verbal/emotional and minor physical), forcing a child to drink wine, and animal cruelty. A lot of period pieces have this involved but this one put out all the stops. Because of those points plus will probably not rewatch it, I have to give it three out of five stars or three sushi 🍣🍣🍣.


Snow White with the Red Hair Vol 1

One of my friends recommended me the anime and I fell in love with it. I am really glad that they brought the manga to the USA.

I have started this manga this week after having it on my TBR for months ever since I finished the anime and announced the manga coming here in English. I think the reason I have waited so long because I wanted to separate the anime from the manga especially since the anime apparently only covers the first seven volumes of the manga. I think the best part of this series in general is how the world is immersive and sucks the viewer in plus the romance (most of the guys in this series swoon). Excited to continue this coming week coming up.


Love from A to Z

I had seen this around and wanted something different with my reading this week

This book so far has been philosophical but at the same time slow moving? I also enjoy reading about different cultures and characters different from myself often. Also I think the philosophical/slow pacing of the story is occurring because that is the author’s intention but I am not quite sure at this particular point in time. It is though fascinating and intriguing me enough to keep reading at this point.

The Week Ahead

At this particular point in time, I am going to continue the manga and book I have started but I think I may try and watch more anime? Its definitely a possibility but we will see. What about you guys? What have you watched or read this week? Let’s talk about it!

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