Selfloveathon Wrap-Up

Hey guys how’s it going? Today I am going to be wrapping up my Selfloveathon readathon from Manda the Bibleo (formally A Court of Books and Love). Unfortunately, I feel that I did part of these challenges but I also did not at the same time but I have to say I read and watched quite a bit. Let’s discuss the challenges one by one and then my overall thoughts of the entire month.

Check out Manda the Bibleo if you haven’t already.


-Read a book in your favorite genre

I am putting Story of Saiunkoku on that slot this month because I love Asian Fantasy as a genre.

-Read a book with your favorite color on the cover

I picked this particular manga cover for this challenge because I love the pink-purple aspect from the hair and background.

Read a book while doing self care

This was an unexpected book this month and I read this while jamming out to music after work everyday that I was reading this.

Read a book you’ve been wanting to read but keep putting off

I picked this novel because I was procrastinating on this for months and finally decided to read this. It was very immersive and atmospheric and politically intriguing all at the same time. I regret waiting this long to read it and I am ready for the last book!

Read a book with a character or by an author you connect with

Now this challenge was probably the most difficult for me to pick a book/manga for. I tried several books trying to have a connection to someone. This book definitely did that for me as far as main character: 1. Manga/Anime stan (check) 2. Plus-sized (check) 3. Keeps trying something new from beginning to end and never gives up even if she wasn’t perfect(check) and 4. Has a home-life that may not be the most ideal but she deals with it in her own way. Because of these points,I felt the main character connected to me a lot. please check this out June 29th when this comes out (thank you Xpressotours for the opportunity to early review this.)


Reread one of your favorite books

Unfortunately I was not able to do this challenge; I think it was because the one I was wanting to read was not something I was feeling at the moment.

Watch a movie or TV show

So much merch! I am excited to have all of these items for this series.

Although I didn’t reread anything this month, I did rewatch a show with my boyfriend called Avatar the Last Airbender. I enjoyed this rewatch so much because of the atmospheric world and character dynamics and overall depth. check it out if you haven’t already.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I appreciate this readathon from my friend. This month was actually the best time for me to reflect on myself because of circumstances I will not divulge here. I think my favorite prompt was finding someone to connect with because there are so many characters out there that could be helpful during a person’s time in their lives. I think now, I want to read like this more often especially the books I’ve been procrastinating with. What about you guys? Will you try and do Selfloveathon next time? What’s your favorite challenge I did? Check out Manda the Bibleo if you have not already she has a Blog, YouTube channel, as well as a Bookstagram.

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