Weekly Check-in 5/30/2020

Today I am going to be discussing my weekly check-in. I read a lot this week with finishing 5 manga, I watched one mini series, and I started a rewatch of a series. I also played a lot of one video game this week which was an interesting experience. To be honest, this week was a lot involving with my boyfriend since a lot of my time was hanging out with him before we both get back to work. Anyhow, onto the media.

He’s awesome as a fellow fan and supports me in everything I do

Video Games

Games are something I have always been fascinated with especially watching people play them plus the graphics with certain games are so cool and amazing. Anyhow, this past week, I played Wii Sports with my boyfriend and their family and I can see the hype of it. It embraces your physical body and after playing several games you can feel your sweat all over. My family also has a Wii but we have not played with it yet but playing this game encourages me to set up ours.

There are several sports that you can play with this game left or right handed
I have to say though bowling is my favorite since I used to play competitively in high school. It also definitely helps me practice my aiming when I can’t go to the alley to play. Side note: this is my highest score ever.


My dad and I finished the Middlemarch series this week. However, I felt very unsatisfied with the ending especially when it comes to the female characters. Nevertheless, I was able to feel the same emotions that I feel during watching my period pieces and I am definitely in the mood for them now when I haven’t for months. Because of these points, I have to give this a 3 out of 5 stars or 3 sushi 🍣🍣🍣

The actors were very profound and fascinating for a 1994 mini-series


I read a lot of manga this week. There was a stormy afternoon/night where all I could do was read which was awesome because I had a ton of library manga to read. Half were series continuations and a couple were series starters.

Series Continuations

Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter

To me, the female characters in this manga series are what I was lacking in Middlemarch. Of course they were created in different countries as well as different time periods but it is definitely interesting for me to continue on in the series. However, be mindful that this particular volume can be dense at times. Because of these points, I would like to see more people reading this but I understand why people can find it boring.

I wish my library had through volume 5 to catch up with everyone else but for now I will be satisfied with at least one more volume.

Mixed Vegetables

This is so adorable plus the food art!! *chef’s kiss*

This is a foodie manga that reminds me so much of the anime Yumeiro Patisserie except without the magic aspect of things. I am not sure if its obvious based on what I read or watch but I am fan of reading and watching how people create things and believing that they can accomplish it despite the odds. Plus I think its a way of learning something new while having fun. This especially has pastry creation as well as sushi creation with some added angsty romance.


The boys/men are so gorgeous I just wish they were semi interesting

I’ll be honest this series is very strange to me. Its even difficult to describe because there is so much involved and so much convenient plot lines ehhhhh. And the male characters strut themselves randomly to annoy the character and its not even funny anymore 😒. Yet I want to know how it ends. I know its so confusing how I feel about this but if you want the same feels check this out.

Series Starters

My Brother’s Husband

This is a very hyped manga among adult readers but also I would say for adults this would be a great first manga for them as well.

This is a very profound manga that I definitely recommend for adult readers. The way that you are able to learn about how people in Japan feel about others being LGBTQIA+ etc. as adults as well as children is a new perspective for me. It was also fascinating learning about different family dynamics in Japan among themselves and with foreigners. I hope to finish this series next week with the second volume being the concluding one so there will be a more in-depth review soon.

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

Now like with Mixed Vegetables the concept of this manga was fascinating to me. It reminded me a lot of Skip Beat except with a high school academy feel to it. I think I would enjoy this a bit better with a anime though because it specifically talks about voice acting. However, I did enjoy this first volume and I am excited to see more from this series.

TV Show/Anime

TV Show: Avatar the Last Airbender

I hope to eventually read the stories in between the tv series and Legend of Korra but I think rewatching this with my boyfriend while he’s travelling is going to be fun.

Yes I am getting on the hype train. This will be a rewatch for me because I watched it a few years ago but this time I will be watching it with my boyfriend who can quote it word for word. I enjoyed this series when I watched it but I think in order to become a true fan I need to consume everything involved. This will be exciting for sure and I am thrilled to continue this series again.

Here’s the synopsis: “In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world.” I think that’s all I needed to know to watch this for the first time.

Anime: Fruits Basket Season 2

This is also a show I am buddy-watching although this is with one of my dear friends who loves Fruits Basket just as much as me if not more so. We are watching the dub and Wow!!! This has been interesting because I haven’t finished the manga yet so I am following along for the first time. In addition, I enjoyed the original anime that was airing in 2001 but I felt it had something missing unfulfilling in my opinion but the first season + what’s airing now is fulfilling that for me so I am intrigued with this.

I have to say this anime’s soundtrack is getting better and better I love this opening!!!

The Week Ahead

I know for sure I am going to be continuing watching the shows I am loving, I might be expanding my video game knowledge not necessarily with the Wii but I would at least like to try, and finally read as much as I can.

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