K-Pop: Just another Genre or a Lifestyle?

With all of my favorite bands having comebacks lately, plus this past year diving deep into the K-Pop universe, I thought that this would be a fantastic topic to write about. I will be talking about my overall journey and then discuss how it can be a lifestyle.

My Personal K-Pop Journey

First, let me begin this post with the discussion of my particular K-Pop journey.

The first considered “K-Pop” artist I kept up with back in 2008 was the Artist BoA which was because of the ending song of “Every Heart” from the Inuyasha anime.

BoA as of 2019. She is considered Queen of K-Pop
At this particular time, I was only interested in anime opening and endings but I ended up listening to BoA’s entire backlog on the daily for awhile.

After I relaxed on BoA and Alan (J-pop singer), I stopped listening to this type of music for awhile especially when I was not able to listen to them outside of the computer. Then about 2016-2017, I was introduced to K-pop yet again by my best college friend to Super Junior in particular their “Mamacita” song.

This is Super Junior’s 7th Album with a fascinating concept.

After this group was introduced to me, I still was not quite sold with male K-Pop groups especially since I only liked (at least at this point in time) only a couple of songs from this group; “Mamacita” and “Magic”.

It was only when an author friend of mine used Vixx’s “Fantasy” in their book series playlist, I fell into a Vixx/K-pop hole.

This album came out in 2016
To this day, I appreciate Vixx for helping me appreciate harmonious K-Pop music. (Although no Bias at this point)

Around this point in time, BTS and TxT (Tomorrow x Together) were coming onto a lot of people’s radar and I was shown “Dionsysus” and “Lights” by BTS as well as “Crown” and “Our Summer” by TxT. I thought: “These guys are awesome, but do I have a favorite?” or better yet: “Is there more?” Little did I know, I was hitting the tip of the iceberg with both male and female groups.

Tomorrow x Together

This was the first song I heard from TxT: the harmony is what struck me.
When I heard these guys after Vixx and BTS, I appreciated that they had the pros of both and love most of their songs to this day!!

This is my favorite song of all time from TxT acoustic version all the way perfect for this time of year


These lyric videos are a way I learned my favorite songs along with determining a bias for some of my favorite groups
Because of “Dionsysus” and buying this album as my first K-pop purchase ever, I consider this concept my fave to date.
I remember when this video came out, I listened to it for weeks!

Rocket Punch

I found this group from a K-Pop Youtuber and I enjoyed the album package really cool so I listened to the song they recommended and Bam new group!
No Bias yet but I have to say this group is easily in my top fave girl groups.
I am so biased to when artists sing about Fireworks and this definitely works for a summer song


This was the song that made me fall in love with Dreamcatcher I saw it on someone’s Instagram one day and I was sold
I love Dreamcatcher’s concepts because they seem to create the most unique ones (especially since they aren’t always so fluffy

One of the other reasons I love Dreamcatcher is that they post videos of solo covers often and this video was the reason Siyeon became my Dreamcatcher Bias

Is listening to K-Pop a lifestyle?

Now that my personal journey of K-Pop is presented in this post, the greater question is whether this genre can become a lifestyle or it is a part of someone’s overall musical knowledge.

For me personally, I am in the between camp; this means listening to K-Pop is not the only music genre I obsess over or have favorite artists from. Plus there are a ton of artists that I enjoy their music from but I cannot keep up with all of their comebacks/ other news stories (for instance TxT came out with their latest comeback a few days ago and I had absolutely no idea).

It can be a lifestyle for some people

For some people, they can keep up with entire groups by collecting every photocard that comes in every version of album merch etc. They also can buy DVDs of the concerts, wearables and something called slogans to have during a concert if they so choose along with mascot merch with some groups. There are so many different options out there for this to become a lifestyle for some people like any fandom for that matter. I am sure all of the K-pop groups out there appreciate those fans dearly.

There are plenty of casual fans out there as well

Because of BTS making such a difference worldwide, I am sure K-Pop has become more mainstream than it used to be. Because of this, there are a lot of people who only listen to BTS than anyone else in the K-Pop world along with other artists out there for example Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Those fans are still valid though because they still listen to the music; the music is what matters here. I know at the start, as you can see from my journey, I turned from a casual fan to one that is not fully invested but with an expansion of more K-Pop than just the most famous.


K-Pop has become a part of my lifestyle, I have to admit that but no more than anything else for me. I still love reading, watching anime, and of course helping others. The best thing K-Pop has done for me though, is expand my music knowledge for the better and if you have not tried it at least a little, please do so.

What about you guys do you think a genre of music can become a lifestyle? Let’s talk about it!

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